Our Top Five Vintage Rose Varieties

The term ‘vintage’ has been used to describe certain flowers for a number of years now, and it’s a trend that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. The popularity of all things vintage – be it dress, hairstyles or accessories – means there is currently a huge demand for the sort of wistful and […]

Instagrammer of the Week: Beyond Retro

This week our Instagrammer of the Week spotlight turns to Beyond Retro, our go-to place for fabulous vintage wear, accessories and props. Beyond Retro began in 1992 in East London. They have successfully combined fashion and sustainability to create a distinctive brand with stores across the UK and Sweden. Their stores are a treasure trove of eclectic […]

Spotlight: Miss Clemmie Artisan Bridal Accessories

The designer and artisan behind Miss Clemmie Bridal Accessories, Clementine Clayton, started her business in 2014; she now sells to boutiques all over the UK and brides across the globe. Following an early career in antiques, Clementine turned her eye for fine jewellery and accessories into a career, designing heirloom quality accessories using traditional millinery and jewellery […]