The Ultimate Love Match – McQueens and Miller Harris

Regular readers of the McQueens blog will know that we’re not just obsessed with the beauty of flowers, but also their powerful scents. From the sweetness of a garden rose to the heady aroma of jasmine, our sense of smell can transport us to another place. This is why we’re delighted to have teamed up […]

The McQueens Valentine’s Bouquet Collection 2019

Let’s face it, the winter months need some serious brightening up and Valentine’s Day is a ruby red beacon of love and happiness. Gone is the myth that it’s a couples-only occasion – spread the sunshine and show your VIPs how much you really care. This year’s McQueens Valentine’s bouquet collection conveys a spectrum of […]

The McQueens 2018 St Valentine’s Day Bouquets

The sparkly remnants of a spectacular Christmas have only just been packed away here at McQueens, and yet already awaiting in the very near distance is the slinky silhouette of St Valentine’s Day. A rather peculiar, global phenomenon, Valentine’s Day is an industry all of its own and, despite the efforts of some of the world’s […]