Flower of the Hour: Vanda Orchid

Today we are extolling the exotic delights of the vanda orchid. Resplendent and highly prized, orchids enjoy a special status within the wonderful world of flowers. A category all of their own, these exotic blooms are adored and admired around the world, and have been throughout history. The Victorians became obsessed with orchids and there […]

Spotlight: Ruby Hammer

This week we speak to a woman who has earned international acclaim through her passion for creativity, beauty and artistry. With a career in the beauty industry spanning 25 years, Ruby Hammer has become one of the best-known, loved and respected make up artists in the business. Her work regularly appears in the glossiest magazines, […]

Kew’s Orchid Festival 2017

If orchids happen to be your flower of choice, or if you just fancy some respite from the chilly climate of late, then Kew’s Orchid Festival might be just the ticket. The festival has been established for 22 years, and this year they are going for it with an amazing themed event that is sure to transport you […]