McQueens Flower School: A Happy Work Experience

Apart from the world class tuition offered to students at McQueens Flower School and the considerable weight of experience associated with a brand with a rich 26 year history, one of the key benefits that make McQueens Flower School such an attractive proposition for those wanting to learn more about flowers is its locality (on the […]

McQueens Flower School: A Step by Step Approach

Learning anything new can be a daunting undertaking particularly if you are considering a career change. It takes time to climb a mountain but that journey always begins with just one step. Here at McQueens Flower School, we welcome many different types of students who come to us from different walks of life and all for […]

McQueens Success Story: Kate Norris

McQueens Flower School measure its success by the results of the students that attend the school. Apart from delighting in the adventures of countless ex-pupils around the world on Instagram, our tutors also report that having graduated from the McQueens Flower School has other advantages – you can usually find a bed for the night […]

McQueens Bursary 2017: the Winner Interview

Cast your mind back to the beginning of January, and you may well remember that for the very first time, we launched a unique bursary award to the  McQueens Flower School. It meant that we were offering one free place on our four-week vocational course to an aspiring florist; it was our way of celebrating our 25th anniversary, and helping encourage a new generation of talent.

McQueens Bursary 2017: the Winner Interview