Five Tips to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

When it comes to planning a wedding, it goes without saying that choosing the right flowers comes right up there with picking the venue, menu and the perfect dress. However, with so many varieties, themes and seemingly endless inspiration to choose from, it can quickly become overwhelming (especially once you end up down a Pinterest […]

Everything You Need to Know About Caring for Your Flowers at Home

There are a lot of weird and wonderful theories out there on how to keep your flowers looking fresh for longer — from spraying them with hairspray to adding sugar, aspirin and even coins to water, everyone has their own peculiar method, and here at McQueens HQ, we’re no exception. While we wouldn’t recommend using hair care […]

How it’s Done: A Colour-Popping Trio of Flowers & Amara Vase Giveaway

We don’t know about you, but we’ve had quite enough of this drizzly weather. But take a quick look at our stock and you’ll find that our flowers are telling quite a different story! As we embark on the last weeks of spring, the shop is transforming with ever more summery varieties including sweet peas, peonies and fluffy heads of hydrangea in truly spectacular hues all the way from hot cerise to deep, indigo blue.

How it’s Done: A Colour-Popping Trio of Flowers & Amara Vase Giveaway

How It’s Done: A Sumptuous Urn Design with Smith and Munson Tulips

As the tulip season gradually draws to an end, we are making the most of these delightful, spring blooms. Bidding farewell to a flower until next season is always bittersweet, but perhaps even more so with tulips, as they are just so delightful and such a favourite with us here at McQueens. With their endless array […]

Tricks of The Trade: Our Top Flower Hacks

As all florists will know, there are countless ‘insider’ tips out there in the floralsphere. From traditional methods for keeping flowers looking fresh for longer to innovative tricks to manipulate stubborn stems or simple ways to arrange masses of multi-coloured blooms, there’s all kinds of advice available. As you might expect, we have some useful tricks up […]

How to Create a Christmas Wreath

What could be more festive that a fabulous Christmas wreath adorned with glittering ornaments? As the season descends upon us, wreaths become de rigeur as front doors across the nation await their jubilant makeovers. Admittedly, as florists, we’ll be the first to confess that wreath-making isn’t top of our ‘favourites’ list; among other things, Spaghnum moss can often arrive hosting a lovely array of unwanted visitors (aka creepy-crawlies), and the novelty soon wears off once you’ve battled to make several in a row. How to Create a Christmas Wreath