Flower of the Hour: Vanda Orchid

Today we are extolling the exotic delights of the vanda orchid. Resplendent and highly prized, orchids enjoy a special status within the wonderful world of flowers. A category all of their own, these exotic blooms are adored and admired around the world, and have been throughout history. The Victorians became obsessed with orchids and there […]

Beautiful Butterfly Ranunculus

One of our main flower crushes at this time of year is the butterfly ranunculus. It’s the hot new variety that is turning florists’ heads, so we are delighted to share our fondness for these beauties right here on the blog. Coy and unassuming, this ephemeral beauty waits in the wings while the popular ranunculus […]

Our Top 10 Favourite Spring Flowers

Spring is the season for renewal as the days become longer, the evenings a little lighter and new colourful, scented varieties begin to make their way back into the flowers markets – and our floral creations. After a long winter, the explosion of colour and scent is a refreshing change of scene and a very […]

How We Adore Sweet Pea

The flower displays in our Bethnal Green HQ and McQueens at Claridge’s store in Mayfair feature the dainty, wispy pastel-coloured delights of sweet pea. A florist shop in May wouldn’t seem right without them. Sweet pea has successfully transitioned from Granddad’s favourite allotment flower to the queen of high spring and THE must-have flower of the season. They are […]