Flower of the Hour: Vanda Orchid

Today we are extolling the exotic delights of the vanda orchid. Resplendent and highly prized, orchids enjoy a special status within the wonderful world of flowers. A category all of their own, these exotic blooms are adored and admired around the world, and have been throughout history. The Victorians became obsessed with orchids and there […]

Flower of the Hour: Strelitzia

Strelitzia, commonly known as Bird of Paradise on account of its fabulous beak-shaped head, is a large, tropical perennial native to South America. It makes a striking cut flower, instantly recognisable by its radiant crown of bright orange petals, streaked with a vivid violet-blue hue. “Strelitzia always fascinate flower shop visitors,’ explains McQueens social media […]

How to Choose Flowers

Making a selection of flowers can be a minefield for some; it’s a conundrum of choice with a seemingly endless supply of colour, texture and variety that boggles the mind, making it difficult to choose. It’s the same reason though that florists can work in an industry for decades without getting jaded; the myriad of possibilities breaks down […]