Dahlia: A September Favourite

Bold and imposing, the striking dahlia will never make it as a wallflower. They are in your face and right up in your grill, and that’s why we love them! Dahlia is a delectable delight of later summer/autumn and we adore them here at McQueens. They are one of the least cultivated flowers which also […]

5 Late Summer Bouquets to Brighten up the Shorter Days

Dreading the shorter days? We’ve rounded up five late summer bouquets to brighten up the evenings as the season gradually fades to Autumn. From our best-selling McQueens ‘Indian Summer’ bouquet, reflecting the balmy warmth of a late summer’s day, to a classic autumnal and more temperate combinations combining summer’s finest blooms with some of the new […]

Guelder Rose

When discovering the delights of the floral world and the overwhelming array of flowers, foliages and plants that our wonderful Mother Nature provides, it can be hard getting to grips with the confusing amount of names for different flower varieties. First, there are scientific or botanical names for you to get your head around; these are often a mouthful, […]


Cornflower are having their moment today on the blog; they’re the perfect dainty summertime specimen that we adore here at McQueens. Centaurea cyanus (to give them their botanical name) certainly packs a punch considering its size and it’s hard to find anyone that isn’t beguiled by their beauty. They certainly instigate the loudest squeal in the workroom when […]

McQueens Flower School Set to Teach In Australia

We are very excited to share the news that McQueens Flower School team will be teaching in Australia this August,  hosted by Pearsons School of Floristry based in Sydney. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to share our passion for flowers, collaborate with such a well-regarded school and to share the McQueens philosophy of style and design […]

Our Top Five Vintage Rose Varieties

The term ‘vintage’ has been used to describe certain flowers for a number of years now, and it’s a trend that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. The popularity of all things vintage – be it dress, hairstyles or accessories – means there is currently a huge demand for the sort of wistful and […]

The Simple Charm of Clematis

Continuing the joyous but never ending task of featuring our favourite seasonal flowers, today we focus our attention on the nimble and dexterous charm of clematis. And what a beauty it is. Cultivated in pink and purple shades, it typically stands around 60cm with a long, delicate stem and a plethora of nodding star-shaped flowers […]

How We Adore Sweet Pea

The flower displays in our Bethnal Green HQ and McQueens at Claridge’s store in Mayfair feature the dainty, wispy pastel-coloured delights of sweet pea. A florist shop in May wouldn’t seem right without them. Sweet pea has successfully transitioned from Granddad’s favourite allotment flower to the queen of high spring and THE must-have flower of the season. They are […]

Ask McQueens: Will Lily of the Valley Last in a Wedding Bouquet?

Lily of the valley is a remarkable flower and a much-requested inclusion in bridal bouquets. The fragrance and delicate nature of this flower makes it a perfect choice but, as one reader learned, it comes with some very careful care instructions. To answer today’s question we selected the rather knowledgeable senior florist of 25 years, McQueens social media […]

Peonies: Catch Them While You Can!

Peonies. They are back with a vengeance and are hogging the floral narrative as is always the case at this time of year. Peony is a trusty stalwart in May and June and is a national floral treasure that we all adore here at McQueens. They are the must-have flower for many weddings and are […]