The Language of Flowers: How to Order Your Perfect Bouquet

If you’ve ever found yourself on the phone to your florist, struggling for the right words to describe what you want, read on. With the help of our resident expert, Freddie Wahid-Staw, we’re going to explore the language of flowers and what terms you can use to order your perfect bouquet. “I think all florists […]

Three Festive Bouquets to Welcome the Christmas Season in Style

Much to the delight (and despair) of many, Christmas has officially landed in London. Yes, as light switching-on ceremonies sweep the capital and festive decor pops up with abandon, We’re proud to reveal our own handiwork at that iconic, Mayfair five-star hotel, Claridge’s. As florists, our relationship with Christmas can be something of a love-hate affair. After […]

Monday: A Florists Weekly Wake Up

It is well known in flowery circles that, just like Dr Who, florists operate outside of the usual space-time continuum. Our days appear two and a half hours shorter than everyone else’s and we spend the majority of our time running around trying to squish everything we need to do with superhuman urgency. It is […]

The Power of Red Flowers. Our Top Favourite Varieties

Red is the ubiquitous Christmas colour, a favourite that will be the predominant colour of the festive season for all eternity. And what’s not to love? It’s a luxurious powerful colour and one that has a huge significance above and beyond Christmas. Red is the colour of power, passion, strength,  danger and is the ultimate […]

The Foliages, Berries and Fruits of Autumn

Autumn has officially arrived and is making itself known with the odd chilly moment. Scarves and jumpers are de rigueur here at McQueens right now and whilst we are not quite sporting the apple cheeks and woolly hats just yet, our Daisy Dukes and skimpy tops are being packed away for the season. Florist’s shops are […]

4 Autumnal Bouquets to Celebrate the Upcoming Season in Style

As we bid ‘au revoir’ to summer and say ‘hello’ to autumn, we’ve rounded up four gorgeous autumnal bouquets to celebrate everything we love about the season and the bountiful, beautiful blooms that come with it. Naturally, we’ll be sad to say goodbye to the warmer months and the most flower-filled season of them all, but […]

Dahlia: A September Favourite

Bold and imposing, the striking dahlia will never make it as a wallflower. They are in your face and right up in your grill, and that’s why we love them! Dahlia is a delectable delight of later summer/autumn and we adore them here at McQueens. They are one of the least cultivated flowers which also […]

5 Late Summer Bouquets to Brighten up the Shorter Days

Dreading the shorter days? We’ve rounded up five late summer bouquets to brighten up the evenings as the season gradually fades to Autumn. From our best-selling McQueens ‘Indian Summer’ bouquet, reflecting the balmy warmth of a late summer’s day, to a classic autumnal and more temperate combinations combining summer’s finest blooms with some of the new […]

Guelder Rose

When discovering the delights of the floral world and the overwhelming array of flowers, foliages and plants that our wonderful Mother Nature provides, it can be hard getting to grips with the confusing amount of names for different flower varieties. First, there are scientific or botanical names for you to get your head around; these are often a mouthful, […]


Cornflower are having their moment today on the blog; they’re the perfect dainty summertime specimen that we adore here at McQueens. Centaurea cyanus (to give them their botanical name) certainly packs a punch considering its size and it’s hard to find anyone that isn’t beguiled by their beauty. They certainly instigate the loudest squeal in the workroom when […]