The Ultimate Love Match – McQueens and Miller Harris

Regular readers of the McQueens blog will know that we’re not just obsessed with the beauty of flowers, but also their powerful scents. From the sweetness of a garden rose to the heady aroma of jasmine, our sense of smell can transport us to another place. This is why we’re delighted to have teamed up […]

New – McQueens Flower School Announces Spring Workshops

Although we love the magical elements of winter – the crisp mornings, cosy evenings, not to mention the arrival of some of our all time favourite flowers such as the anemone and ranunculus – we can’t help but feel a slight tinge of excitement as the very first signs of spring appear. Right now, sweet […]

The McQueens Valentine’s Bouquet Collection 2019

Let’s face it, the winter months need some serious brightening up and Valentine’s Day is a ruby red beacon of love and happiness. Gone is the myth that it’s a couples-only occasion – spread the sunshine and show your VIPs how much you really care. This year’s McQueens Valentine’s bouquet collection conveys a spectrum of […]

Pantone Colour of the Year – Living Coral

For 20 years, Pantone has created a universal standard to simplify the complex and beguiling language of colour. This indispensable guide for designers, brands and manufacturers helps us to order, plan, communicate and create with colour consistency. Pantone has now grown from an industry focused organisation used by artists and graphic designers to become a ubiquitous […]

McQueens Top Adventures in 2018

As the year draws to a close, we’ve taken a moment to step back and reflect on some truly fabulous floral highlights. From extolling our love of flowers all around the globe to creating designs for some seriously glitzy events, it’s been a busy and flower-filled year for Team McQueens. We can’t wait to share […]

The Festive Collection

Here at McQueens festive preparations have been in hot pursuit for quite some time. We have the honour of cladding some of London’s most beautiful hotels and restaurants with yuletide decor, while over in McQueens Flower School we have been welcoming students onto the Christmas Classes for several weeks. In spite of the long run-up, […]

Spotlight: Photographer, Liam Duke

We’ve been a fan of photographer Liam Duke’s work for quite some time. His impressive portfolio of portraits include high-end fashion shoots and A-List names. However, it’s his recent project we’ve been especially captivated by, in particular, Dead Beautiful. The imagery depicts flowers taking on a different kind of beauty in their decaying and dried […]

What’s in Season – Autumn

With the autumn equinox taking place at the weekend (23 September), we’re fully embracing the joys of a new season. The fruits of harvest are rolling, and flora and fauna take on mind-boggling colours –  russet, ochre and crimson – and we welcome the return of gorgeous varieties. Whether you’re planning a spectacular fall-inspired wedding […]

Our Top 5 Renaissance Flowers

Like fashion, flowers continually evolve with styles coming in and going out of favour as they align with trends in art, design and interiors.  OK, the swings might not be quite as swift as the changes in fashion where it often seems like this season’s must-have are next season’s bargain bin, still there are marked […]

Spectacular Scented Stock

Our fleur du jour is glorious delightful stock or Matthiola incana to give it its Latin name. We adore this inconspicuous scruffy garden-like specimen so it’s a pleasure to take a moment to ponder on its beauty. Most people instinctively raise a flower to their nose to sample its natural scent. This can sometimes be […]