Pantone Colour of the Year – Living Coral

For 20 years, Pantone has created a universal standard to simplify the complex and beguiling language of colour. This indispensable guide for designers, brands and manufacturers helps us to order, plan, communicate and create with colour consistency. Pantone has now grown from an industry focused organisation used by artists and graphic designers to become a ubiquitous reference point used by all. 

A spectrum of shade to depict coral with poppy, roses and ranunculus

The Pantone brand has become a cultural icon with social media playing a huge part in the awareness of the name. There is now a huge sense of anticipation when the Pantone colour is unveiled at the start of the year. As we wave farewell to Ultra Violet – colour of the year for 2018 – we usher in this year’s chosen shade: Living Coral.

The natural variance between shades can make matching colours a challenge

Living Coral is the life-affirming pink hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge. Vibrant, yet mellow, Pantone 16-1546 (to be exact!) embraces us with a sense of warmth and comfort. Sociable and spirited, it’s a nurturing colour that appears in our natural surroundings. At the the same time, you can be sure that Living Coral will have an active presence on social media.

With all those qualities, it goes without saying that we are huge fans of Living Coral which is the daughter of pink, sister of orange and BFF with peach. Nature’s management of colour is miraculous but doesn’t adhere to such a precise colour system. There is a spectrum of shades that we at McQueens would use to represent coral and it’s important to remember that each flower and its hue is different, and the variance between one bunch of flowers of the same colour can vary substantially.

We’re predicting this shade will be popular for summer weddings in 2019 – and no wonder. A host of flowers will look stunning in the coral colour palette including peonies, zinnias and garden roses to name just a few. No matter the occasion, we’re ready to embrace PANTONE 16-1546 with open arms. Summer brides: prepare to colour match!

With huge thanks to our wonderful friends at Cloth House, Soho for providing exquisite fabric featured within the photoshoot.