Dial-a-Star: Poinsettia Installation

McQueen’s Flower School has a long-held reputation for creating dynamic and impactful floral installations within the final week of the Vocational Course. Who could forget the pop-up meadow in the Townhall Hotel or the ornate tree built in Spitalfields Church? With Christmas right around the corner, the school were delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Stars for Europe and pay homage to a festive icon – the poinsettia. 

Our students begin the impressive installation

The school’s principal, Sophie Powell, designed the installation, fusing the plant’s Mexican heritage with its British popularity to create Dial-a-Star. To create this eye-catching image, students placed one of the UK’s most recognisable icons – the red telephone box – in a landcape of white and red poinsettias. Add some green cacti,  and all three colours of the Mexican flag create an eye-catching Christmas window display.

‘This beautiful piece merges classic London telephone box and ubiquitous Mexican poinsettia,’ explains Sophie. ‘The idea is to bring together two iconic objects from different worlds, and unite them in the true spirit of Christmas.’

The festive scene starts to take shape

The clever installation was brought to life by Sophie and her talented group of students who are nearing the completion of the McQueens Flower School Vocational Course. The four-week programme builds a solid foundation in the basics of floristry, evolving into a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Students who undertake the first three weeks of the course are then ready to enter the final phase – and complete some awe-inspiring projects using the skills and technique they’ve learned along the way.

Poinsettia as far as the eye can see!

The title Dial-a-Star is a reference to the poinsettia’s other name the Christmas Star, as well as a playful nod to this plant’s popularity over the festive season. It might not surprise you to know that the poinsettia is the number one Christmas plant in the UK, but did you also know that eight million of these stunning flowering plants are expected to be sold this year? What’s more, there are 150 different varieties of poinsettia, so this season, there will be all kinds of beautiful stars born all over the country!

Congratulations team – you’re all stars!

Many thanks to our partners Stars for Europe for helping us to create this super starry festive project.

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