Vocational Course Installation: The Hydrangea Flower Wall

The second instalment of our three-part miniseries (check out the first here) highlights another stunning installation created by our recent Vocational Course students. Having studied the industry and built up a set of valuable practical skills during the first three weeks of the programme, the course comes together in the final phase to create a series of projects with the ‘wow ‘ factor.

Vocational Course Installations: The Hydrangea Flower Wall
Capturing the sea of hydrangeas pre-install

Providing an essential backdrop for celebrity and brand selfie-stations, the flower wall is a hugely popular installation, making it the ideal project for our students. Thanks to our friends and project sponsors at Hydrangea World, more than 500 pink stems of the glorious spherical blooms were used to create the dynamic floral backdrop. In addition, the organisation gave the class a special seminar about the hydrangea, from its history to clever hacks to keeping them in top quality and extending their life. Our very own flower school principal, Sophie Powell reveals,‘hydrangea drink from their petals too, so if yours have gone over, dunk them in water and leave them submerged for half an hour to revive them.”

Vocational Course Installations: The Hydrangea Flower Wall
Distribution is key in the flower wall!

Another installation means another new environment for the students to conquer! This time the location was a busy street outside McQueens HQ in Bethnal Green where pace, diligence and interaction with the public came into play. It was also another first for the school – never before has a student installation adorned the frontage of our HQ!

Vocational Course Installations: The Hydrangea Flower Wall
The finished flower wall graces our McQueens frontage

The impressive structure measured  3m x 3m and challenged students to carefully consider flower distribution by pre-drafting the design. As well as learning hands-on floristry skills, the students are also guided on how to price commissions for potential clients. Ultimately, the gorgeous display gave our talented bunch of students the opportunity to create a memorable photographic souvenir of their newly-found skills and their time spent at the McQueens Flower School.

Vocational Course Installations: The Hydrangea Flower Wall
The perfect selfie-station

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