Why I Chose McQueens Flower School

It is an honour and a wonderful privilege to share our passion for flowers with students around the world and to impart our considerable knowledge that has been gathered over the two decades that McQueens Flower School has been in existence.  Our vocational courses run central to the curriculum at McQueens Flower School, and many of our students have an interest in setting up a business or working within the industry after completing one of our courses. We have various options for our courses from one-week classes that focus on individual areas of contemporary flower design, to our four-week vocational course and one that attracts students from around the world. We asked a selection of graduates from our courses why they chose to study at McQueens Flower School.

‘I chose McQueens School because I love the contemporary style. I have been to other schools but my experience at McQueens stood out. It was amazing. For me, it’s a career-changing experience and my takeaway is a complete change of perspective in terms of my style and choices of flowers. It has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that floristry has to offer’

Why I chose McQueens School by Taiwo Debo- Akande
McQueens School graduate Taiwo Debo-Akande


‘I chose McQueens Flower School because I wanted to work on large design work. I am from Korea and I was inspired by the images I saw on social media. I really enjoyed the classes and the designs we created as a team were my favourite. We worked with so many different flower varieties. The course was very inspirational’


McQueens School student, Sun Me Lee
McQueens School graduate, Sun Me Lee


‘Being a student at McQueens Flower School has been one of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve ever had! I’ve always wanted to become a florist and recently I gave up my job and came to the UK to follow my passion for flowers. Throughout the course, I learned so much, it’s been an amazing experience, but I have also met some great talented florists as well.’ 


McQueens School graduate, Yumi Heo July 2018
McQueens School graduate, Yumi Heo July 2018

‘McQueens style has made my life richer. I met so many kind people, the tutors were excellent and we worked on so many practical projects using lots of different flowers. I am now enjoying my work experience and I have learned so much!’

McQueens School Student Woorim Toum
McQueens School graduate, Woorim Toum

‘I chose McQueens Flower School because I wanted to do work experience after the course so that I could expand my knowledge. I love the simplicity of McQueens style. The course was great, I learned so much and I enjoyed working on large-scale projects the most.’

McQueens School Student Shuru Sie
McQueens Flower School graduate, Shuru Sie

‘I chose McQueens Flower School because it’s the best! I love the combination of flowers they use. My time at McQueens was very happy.’ 

McQueens School Student Lisa Kuang
McQueens Flower School graduate, Lisa Kuang

‘I always dreamed of working with flowers and McQueens Flower School was an obvious choice because of the style and outstanding reputation. The tutors shared so much inspiration and knowledge. I’ve had the best time imaginable.’

McQueens School Student Cissi

McQueens Flower School graduate, Cissi Johnson

“I chose McQueens because I needed a boost of inspiration in my creative journey. I knew I would I find that at a renowned school in a vibrant city. And I did.” 

McQueens School Student Justin La Cap
McQueens School graduate, Justin La Cap

‘I studied flower design in Korea and I chose McQueens school because McQueens is such a well-known brand. I love the style and I wanted to work on larger scale projects. It is great to do work experience with McQueens after the course because every day is different.’

McQueens School Student Hye Rim Yang
McQueens Flower School graduate, Hye Rim Yang

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