Spotlight: Rockett St George

Today we welcome Jane Rockett and Lucy St. George to the spotlight, founders of the online emporium of homeware with a delightfully quirky style, Rockett St George. Packed with a mix of treasures which inject magic, charm and personality into interiors and homes, their site has become the go-to spot for home fanatics, stylists and interiors experts alike, all in the search for those unique, one-off finds (without the hassle of trawling the flea market). We adore their incredible style and of course, their flair for all things dark, moody and floral. It was with pleasure that we chatted with Jane and Lucy to find out more about thier unique and captivating brand.

Tell us the story of Rockett St George; how did it all begin?

We founded Rockett St George in 2007, but we met years before at a fancy-dress party! We both loved to spend hours trailing around antique fairs and flea markets and often spent weekends rearranging furniture and redecorating our homes which drove our partners and children mad! So, we combined our savings, bought a copy of Website for Dummies and Rockett St George was born!

We absolutely love your eclectic mix of treasures and beautifully curated collections. Where do you find your inspiration?

Thank you! We draw our inspiration from many sources; from our favourite magazines, Pinterest and Instagram accounts, nature, childhood memories and from travel too. We both love to travel and explore different places and this SS18 we will be launching the Rockett St George Marrakech collection which is entirely based on our travels to Morocco.

Rocket St. George founders, Jane Rockett and Lucy St George
Rocket St. George founders, Jane Rockett and Lucy St George

Lucy, a little bird told us you used to be a florist…. tell us more!

I was a florist for 12 years, working with small local florists to specialist events companies doing high profile weddings and events. The budgets went from a few pounds to 20k! It was a diverse and interesting portfolio of work and I loved helping each client meet their needs.

I really loved being a florist. Flowers not only have a beautiful scent and the ability to transform a room, but they also have a deeply personal element and there is always a backstory to most floral purchases. I loved the human and social element of floristry. Making a bride’s vision come to life, a customer’s sadness of a bereavement subsiding temporarily with the beautiful funeral blooms or the man who regularly buys two bunches with the same saucy message!!! 

Flowers, plants and foliage are a joy to work with and I do miss the endless creative pursuits. I don’t, however, miss the 5 am starts and the freezing cold hands as it’s an incredibly physical job! 

Does your love of florals inspire your products choices, too?

It definitely influences our choices! As we mentioned earlier, we take inspiration from nature and travel amongst other things and as part of our Spring Summer 2018 collection, we have designed some amazing Flora and Fauna floor lamps. The floor lights are gilded in a luxury metallic gold with intricate metal leaves and stems – we think it will add a glamorous and botanical feel to the home.

A gold metallic wall flower light from Rockett St. George
Wall flower light, £90

Jane – The Jive Herringbone Tweed Armchair is one of my favourites. It’s inspired by 1970s style and is crafted using soft wool tweed, quilted rolls and a curved back which means it’s really comfy! I could happily spend a lazy afternoon lounging in the chair with my favourite travel magazines. I also love the mustard colour of the chair which adds a colour pop to any room!

Lucy – Our tamegroute pottery is coming to RSG site very soon and I love the story behind the collection. The pottery is handmade in Tamegroute, a small village on the cusp of the Sahara Desert. The potters handcraft each piece meaning that no piece is the same and we are delighted to offer our customers the unique tamegroute pottery in a range of bowls, mugs and serving platters.

A dark and moody floral shower curtain from Rockett St. George
Black Floral Shower Curtain, £52.00

What are you working on at the moment, and what’s in store for the future?

We’ve just published our first book, Extraordinary Interiors, and are just about to launch our SS18 Collection which is a true labour of love. We’ve dreamed of bringing Moroccan and own-design products to RSG and we can finally do it! The SS18 includes a number of our own-design products, including the Forna and Flora lights, Tamegroute pottery, original Berber rugs, handwoven Moroccan throws and our own-design tile collection!

To find out more about Jane, Lucy and Rocket St. George visit or follow them on socials at @rockettstgeorge

Main image: Floral Chest Of Drawers, £495.00