Wander: The New Fragrance From Miller Harris

We are delighted to have collaborated with Miller Harris, one of our favourite perfume brands, for the launch of their exquisite new fragrance Wander. Established in 2000, Miller Harris has an enviable reputation for quality, innovation, and distinctive fragrances, and their latest collection does not disappoint.

Wander is one of the brand-new Miller Harris trio, Forage, compiled by ingredients which can be discovered in London. Inspired by this great city’s many parks, Wander’s innovative combination of nature-inspired notes is destined to become a go-to favourite for townies and rural types alike.

Alison Lythgoe, who created the floral for the McQueens and Wander photo shoot, tell us, “Foraging was at the heart of our concept, and with this in mind, we sourced our materials from all the things that we otherwise would recycle in store. The floristry industry is known to have a quick turn around of materials, which can result in a surplus. Here at McQueens, we always aim to recycle, re-use or donate flowers and green we don’t use or have already used, and this was an exciting opportunity to see what we could create using what was available to hand.”

Wander, a new fragarance by MillerHarris inspired by foraged plants and flowers.
In keeping with the foraging theme of the Wander perfume, the floral shoot was styled using found, recycled and foraged materials

“The inspiration for the flowers used drew very much from the concept of parks and greenery, and also specifically the notes of the perfume itself. The heart of Wander comprises of galbanum, fig, nettle and Indian tuberose. While we didn’t have all of the exact materials to match, we certainly had some close contenders. Bishop’s flower, for example, bears a striking resemblance to the more elusive galbanum flower. Nettle, on the other hand, was a much easier match (as you can imagine) and I foraged this, and some of the other greenery, from the urban-rural areas around east London.”

McQueens social media manager, Duncan McCabe, who styled and shot the photographs, takes up the story. “Creating the still life furthered our opportunity to play with the fruitier notes of the perfume, specifically pink grapefruit, juicy mandarin, berries and fig. It had all the makings of a really lush, atmospheric scene which worked beautifully with the natural green and white hues of the flowers. It creates a fabulous, visual juxtaposition between the earthy and fruity notes of the perfume, and also the haven that is London’s parks, the inspiration behind Wander. they show nature off at its very best, but also provide something a little more urban and exotic.”

Wander, a new fragarance by MillerHarris inspired by foraged plants and flowers.
The Wander-inspired still life celebrating the fruitier notes of the perfume, including pink grapefruit, juicy mandarin, berries and fig

The new Miller Harris foraging collection will be available in-store and online at www.millerharris.com from 3 May 2018.