How It’s Done: A Sumptuous Urn Design with Smith and Munson Tulips

As the tulip season gradually draws to an end, we are making the most of these delightful, spring blooms. Bidding farewell to a flower until next season is always bittersweet, but perhaps even more so with tulips, as they are just so delightful and such a favourite with us here at McQueens. With their endless array of colours, shapes and graceful transformation with age, it’s no wonder that these beautiful blooms were so frequently depicted in the paintings of the Dutch Golden Age (and briefly, even worth more than their weight in gold).

In celebration of this ever-favourite flower, we created a sumptuous urn design with a heavenly collection of British-grown tulips from the Smith and Munson flower farm in the Lincolnshire Fens. The varieties were hand-selected by the wonderful Jo Munson, who we interviewed earlier this month all about the joys of growing tulips in the UK. McQueens florist, Daniela Piacquadio, created the design.

Creating A Sumptuous Urn Design with Tulips

“The varieties that Jo selected for us were stunning, we could see straight away that they would work beautifully on their own, en masse, in a bold, statement piece. The silver urn created the perfect backdrop for their simple beauty to shine through, whilst allowing them to grow and move over time – as tulips love to do.  This urn design would make the ideal focal point for a special occasion – a real statement piece – and it would also work beautifully as a wedding display on either side of the altar. You could even try this at home on a smaller scale (why not?!). The method is very straightforward, I’d recommend anyone with a passion for flowers, and a love for tulips, to have a go before the season is over.”

McQueens florist, Daniela Piacquadio

A urn design created using Smith & Munson tulips by Mcqueens florist, Daniela Piacquadio
A tantalizing close-up of the four gorgeous tulip varieties hand-selected for McQueens by Jo Munson

For this display, we used:

4 wraps of 50 Parrot Lady tulips

4 wraps of 50 Ovideo tulips

4 wraps of 50 World Bowl tulips

4 wraps of 50 Caramba tulips

1 x large silver urn

1-metre chicken wire




  1. Condition the tulips by cutting a centimetre off of the ends at a 45° angle. Leave the foliage on to create space and volume between the flower heads.
  2. Manipulate the chicken wire into a ball and snugly place it low down in the urn.
  3. Fill the urn with water almost to the top of the rim. Tulips are naturally short-stemmed therefore it’s important to make sure the stems are all submerged.
  4. Slot the tulips into the chicken wire one by one and gradually build up a loose dome. We placed ours in grouping to maximise the impact of the different colours.
  5. Make any final tweaks and you’re done!
A urn design created using Smith & Munson tulips by Mcqueens florist, Daniela Piacquadio
Mcqueens florist, Daniela Piacquadio, adding the final touches to this sumptuous, seasonal urn design

Discover more about Smith & Munson by visiting their website,, or follow them on Instagram at @smithandmunson