Beautiful Butterfly Ranunculus

One of our main flower crushes at this time of year is the butterfly ranunculus. It’s the hot new variety that is turning florists’ heads, so we are delighted to share our fondness for these beauties right here on the blog. Coy and unassuming, this ephemeral beauty waits in the wings while the popular ranunculus we all know and love basks in the limelight. Ranunculus continue to grow in popularity each year as more and more people succumb to the delight of this stunning flower. Hanoi ranunculus has helped to elevate the ranunculus brand to super-flower status thanks to their gigantic heads and ice cream shades that look good enough to eat and make it an Instagram winner. Like, like, like.

butterfly ranunculus
A closer look. Butterfly ranunculus

Butterfly ranunculus is a much more subtle variety and you’d be forgiven for not making the connection between the two as there isn’t a great deal of family resemblance. Butterfly ranunculus is tall, lithe and elegant and can stand twice the size of its buxom cousin. Flowers and buds branch off the main stem and the flowers have a delicate willowy appearance that meanders and bends with a natural flow, making them the perfect flower for an informal display. These flowers look so casual and so nonchalant that the untrained eye might think that they have faded but no, think again! The floppy nature is the key to the beauty of this variety and explaining this to clients from the offset is always a good idea. The flowers don’t come anywhere near as showy as regular ranunculus; they have a single line of petals that are just as delicate and translucent as butterfly wings. They are cultivated in a variety of shades –  pink, red and orange and yellow – and are as wispy and as delicate as their name implies. They are, however, a relatively long-lasting flower that will look presentable in a vase for up to 10 days providing you change the water midweek and recut the stems. We maximise our time spent with regular ranuncs from December to May, but the season for butterfly ranunculus is much shorter, so make the most of them from March to the end of April.

Butterfly ranunculus
We adore the delicate charm of butterfly ranunculus