Spotlight: Papercut Artist, Georgia Low

Born in London, Georgia Low’s love for artistry grew throughout her childhood and remained a passion as she went on to study TV and radio production at university. It was here that she began to dabble in paper cutting, a talent which caught the attention of her friends and fellow students, who quickly became some of her first clients. Now living in the north Wales countryside, Georgia has turned her passion into a full-time career. Her first book, Nature Cuts, was released earlier this April.

Tell us about yourself, Georgia. We understand you relocated from London to Wales at quite a young age?

I did! I was born in Enfield and moved around quite a lot when I was young. We eventually moved up to north Wales when I was seven as my Dad took a job in Manchester. I still love to visit London as I have family there, but since living in Wales and getting used to the slower lifestyle (and the sheep), I don’t think I could ever move back! I currently live with my boyfriend Tom and our Cockerpoo Millie in a little village just 10 minutes from Chester.

Papercut Artist, Georgia Low, at home in North Wales
Papercut artist, Georgia Low, at home in north Wales

Have you always been very creative?

Like most children, I enjoyed drawing and painting, but I was actually awful at it! It wasn’t until I was around 15 when I really took an interest in art whilst doing my GCSEs. I did take art as an A-Level too, but when you’re learning in school you obviously have to follow the curriculum, which meant there was a lot of painting involved. So after a few months, I gave it up – and if you could see my paintings you would definitely understand why!

The intricate work of papercut artist, Georgia Low
It was Georgia’s art teacher at school who first introduced her to the art of paper cutting

How did you get into the art of paper cutting?

I dabbled in paper cutting at school, actually. My art teacher at the time gave me a Stanley knife and some paper, so I traced out a design and cut it out. I still have it in my studio! I only made one though, and then forgot all about it until I was 19 when I made a papercut card for my mum’s birthday. I think that’s what got me hooked in the end and I carried on creating paper cuts whilst waiting to change course at university.

'Home is where mum is' - a close up shot of the intricate work of papercut artist, Georgia Low
Georgia sells intricate messages for mums all over the world from her online shop

Where do most of your commissions come from?

Most of my commissions come through my website and Instagram, mainly from clients in London or the US. It sounds a bit silly really, but after almost five years I still get excited when I get to send to a new state in the US or a new country! In the past, I’ve sent my artwork to the Philippines, New Zealand, and Switzerland to name a few. I actually have a cork board world map in my studio so I can mark where my paper cuts have been.

The intricate work of papercut artist, Georgia Low
Georgia is often asked to create intricate, papercut designs for bespoke and heartfelt gifts

Are there particular themes or subjects that you especially love to create?

Definitely! As you can probably tell from most of my art, I’m a huge lover of nature and animals. I’ve attempted other subjects numerous times; I made a series of space-themed papercuts once but still ended up incorporating flowers into the design! Other than nature, I love making commissions for clients, especially when they’re sentimental. I once created a piece for a lovely client of mine who wasn’t very well and wanted a special gift for her carer, it had the most beautiful words incorporated into it. I think that has to be one of my favourite paper cuts I’ve made.

A close up shot of papercut artist, Georgia Low, at work in her home studio in North Wales
Nature, botany and animals frequently feature in Georgia’s designs

We see you’re a bit fan of all things floral, too! What’s your favourite flower?

Oh, that’s a tough one! I would say tulips are up there; I know they’re quite simple, but I think that’s why I love them. Other than tulips, definitely hydrangeas and peonies.

What are you working on at the moment and what’s in store for the future?

I’m working on some personalised commissions at the moment which is always fun, and I’ve also started creating my biggest piece yet. It’s 4ft x 3ft – I think I must be mad! It’s going to take at least four weeks as it’s very detailed, but I always love a challenge. Other than that, I’d definitely love to do another book in the near future as I had so much fun creating my first one. I’m also hoping to enter a few art competitions this year as it’s something I’ve never done before, but I’m a bit nervous!

Papercut artists, Georgia Low's, 'Leaf Favour Boxes' as featured in her book
In her new book, Nature Cuts, Georgia shows how to make your own designs such as these leaf favour boxes

What’s your secret of success?

It sounds clichéd, but you should always do what makes you happy! It’s taken me five years to get to where I am now – it’s not easy starting and running your own business, but it’s definitely worth all of the hard work.

Nature Cuts by Georgia Low, published by Weldon Owen, is available to buy on Amazon here.