The Magnificent Charm of Muscari

It is often said that the best things come in small packages; never is this truer than in the fascinating world of flowers. Nature dictates that flowers can be fat, thin, tall, short and each will be admired with awe and respect for its simplicity and beauty – it’s all part of Mother Nature’s miracle. In terms of flowers, dinky and dainty hold a mystique and power all of their own, and there are countless tiny specimens that are adored for their delicate and titchy qualities.

Lily of the valley, for example,  is loved by everyone and packs a considerable punch considering its size. The exquisite power of any flower is magnified when its season is short or if there is a limited availability. Its temperamental character, fragility and scent only add to the mystique and make it one of the most coveted flowers on earth. Muscari is another dinky deity that is adored because of its miniature size. Muscari arrives hot on the heels of Christmas and is a very welcome precursor to the springtime, which is gesticulating wildly at the moment with the promise of warmth, (fingers crossed), fragrance and colour.

The mighty and magnificent muscari
The mighty and magnificent muscari

Muscari or grape hyacinth is undeniably gorgeous. Dwarfed by most other flowers, it generally stands around 25cm in height. The stem is delicate and fleshy and is characterised by miniature bell-like flowers that run along the outside, middle and top of the stem. There is nothing extrovert about these flowers; no transformative instances, no blossoming phenomenon, and they most certainly lean towards the understatement school of display. They will delight all on their own in haphazard bundles or will happily mix with other teeny counterparts.

Each stem is impossibly thin and extremely delicate, so it is better to handle and arrange in small bundles to pack a punch and not look too wimpy. They are made for occasional areas and will delight by the side of a bed, on your desk, or look perfectly at home placed on a windowsill. They also make an ideal table centre for a celebratory dinner and will charm and delight your guests in equal measure. What they lack in size they make up for in punch, and they are a firm annual favourite at McQueens from January right through to April.