How it’s Done: A Spring Table Flower Display With Potted Plants

After a rather long winter (and more than enough snow for one year, thank you) spring has finally sprung in London and we are positively rejoicing here at McQueens. The shop has exploded with a new and exciting flurry of beautiful, bountiful, scented spring blooms and our latest floral installations are reflecting the new season, with potted Lily of the Valley, narcissi, crocus, hyacinth and muscari stealing the show. For all the new blooms, warmer weather and longer days we adore spring, and in the run-up to Easter and the March Bank Holiday, we decided to show you how you can create a  spring table flower display with potted plants. Demonstrating today is McQueens florist, Selina Kerley, who explains how we created this fabulous, seasonal runner below.

Creating a Spring Table Flower Display With Potted Plants

The concept behind this spring table was simple, natural and, of course, seasonal. We wanted to create something that would work for a variety of occasions, including Easter supper if you like. Using potted, spring plants is a great way to make the most of the season’s finest blooms, and has the added bonus of sustainability, too. Once you’re finished with the display, re-pot your plants outside to enjoy again and again.

For this display, we used:

3 potted Lily of the Valley plants

3 potted Narcissus plants

3 potted lavender plants

5 stems Hellebores

9 rustic pots

5 small, frosted glass bottles

1/2 tray of flat moss

6 ‘potted’ quails egg decor (optional)


  1. Take your plants, still in their plastic pots, and pop them into the ceramic ones (this will make them easier to remove again afterwards).
  2. Cover the surface around the base of the plant with a layer of moss. Make sure any remaining soil or plastic isn’t visible.
  3. Fill your bottles fresh with water, cut the ends of your hellebores and place one stem in each bottle.
  4. Distribute the potted plants and bottles along your surface, ensuring they are evenly distributed (we used a ‘zig-zag’ pattern).
  5. Take handfuls of flat moss and place around the base of the plants and hellebores, remember to place inside the arrangement, not just on the outskirts.
  6. Add any additional decor, we used miniature pots decorated with quails eggs for a spring theme!
McQueens florist, Selina, demonstrating how to create a spring table design using potted flowers
McQueens florist, Selina, demonstrating how to create a spring table design using potted flowers

Enjoy! Remember, you can use a variation of this them to create different looks, why not try using three different varieties of Narcissi for an explosion of colour? Hyacinth and muscari would make wonderful additions too. For more spring flower inspiration, take a look at our recent article on our top 10 favourite spring flowers and be sure to share any creations with us over at @McQueensFlowers on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.