Our Top 10 Favourite Spring Flowers

Spring is the season for renewal as the days become longer, the evenings a little lighter and new colourful, scented varieties begin to make their way back into the flowers markets – and our floral creations. After a long winter, the explosion of colour and scent is a refreshing change of scene and a very welcome one at that. It marks the end of a somewhat limited December and January and the start of a thoroughly bountiful period, and for this reason, it is a favourite season for many florists. In celebration of the fragrant explosion of colour and scent, we have compiled our top 10 favourite spring flowers to share with you today, straight from the people who know best, our very own flower-obsessed McQueenies.


I have lots of favourite spring flowers and it’s my favourite time of year. I especially adore forget-me-nots, they’re reminiscent of my childhood garden where they grew in wild abundance; come late spring the garden would be transformed with a carpet of blue. Muscari, too; they are so delicate and beautiful, and (although it’s more of a winter flower) hellebores, are divine too.

McQueens events florist, Alison Lythgoe

Delicate blue forget-me-not flowers
A cheerful and unmistakable sign of spring, delicate blue forget-me-nots (myosotis)


My favourite spring flowers have to be Narcissus – their scent is amazing! There are so many different varieties available, too, I especially love the double-headed types. They’re so cute and delicate, and really easy to combine — I love using them in hand-tied bouquets for an instant, spring touch.

McQueens shop florist, Daniela Piacquadio

Delicate, creamy yellow and white narcissus
Looking for an instant, spring touch? Try adding narcissus to your hand-tieds


I’m a big fan of tulips and there as so many varieties available at this time of year, with so many heights, shapes and hues –  it’s a real sight to see at the flower market. I love varieties that are a little bit different so parrot tulips, with their swirly blend of colours and curled twisted petals, really appeal to me — they are just so unique.

McQueens contracts florist, Janine Sultana

Delicate pink and white, variegated parrot tulips
Available in a range of other-worldly colour combinations, parrot tulips, such as this pale pink variegated variety, truly come into their own in the spring


There are lots of different fritillaria varieties, so it’s hard to choose a favourite as they are all so different. Snake’s head are so unbelievably tiny, the heads are minuscule and they don’t last long but they are just divine. The larger, stronger varieties are equally as stunning – you can get them up to 150cm tall. They’re ideal for large, impactful contract designs. Some are very heavily scented, and some actually smell like cannabis — needless to say, you have to be quite careful where you use them!

McQueens social media manager, Duncan McCabe

the nodding, maroon and white chequered blooms of Snake's-head Fritillaries
Delicate and fleeting, the nodding, maroon-and-white chequered blooms of Snake’s head fritillaria


For me, it’s all about muscari. They are the most amazing little flowers, so delicate and unique, I love everything about them; their scent, colour, texture and shape. They add instant interest to any floral design and are so versatile, too, they work just as well in planted designs as they do as cut flowers.

McQueens contracts florist, Gosia Pilipczuk

Delicate blue muscari, a favourite cut flower at spring
Quintessentially spring, delicate blue muscari


I adore daffodils. As one of the first flowers to sprout after a long winter, they are the ultimate sign of spring. What could be more cheerful than a big bunch of yellow daffodils? Plus the scent is an added bonus.

McQueens sales administrator, Eleni Kouyialis

Bright yellow spring daffodils
What could be more cheerful than a big bunch of yellow daffodils?


My favourite spring flower? It has to be hyacinth. They smell incredible and come in every colour of the rainbow – what’s not to love! I’m a huge fan of the deep purple varieties but my favourite would probably be the champagne hyacinth —  it’s quite unique in colour and not as easy to find which just makes it that extra bit special.

McQueens contracts florist, Pedro Miguel

Striking purple spring hyacinth
Hyacinth — deeply scented and available in a multitude of colours. What’s not to love?

Lily of the Valley

I absolutely adore lily of the valley. It is just divine. They are the ultimate ‘quality over quantity’ flower, so small yet so perfectly formed and the scent is to die for. It’s no wonder that it is such a popular flower for brides, the fact that they are so fleeting only makes them more sought after!

McQueens school administrator, Freddie Wahid Staw

Small and perfectly formed, Lily of the Valley
Small and perfectly formed, lily of the valley


You know that spring is on the way when lilac starts to appear in the shop! It is definitely a favourite flower for me. The scent is lovely, and the clusters of frothy flowers are so pretty, I’d happily use them in everything, especially the violet varieties. It reminds me of home and long walks in the Dorset countryside, where they grow in abundance, and the air is filled with the scent of spring.

McQueens shop florist, Selina Kerley

Bushy-headed, scented Lilac
You know that spring is on the way when lilac starts to appear in the shop!