Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2018

Our tinsel-town adventure feels like a hazy dream now, having left snowy London behind for our trip to LA. We’ve barely had time to think about it, least of all share the juicy details right here on the blog and it’s hard to imagine that it was two weeks ago. It was back to reality with a bang but a sparkle of excitement remains when we think back to the glorious time spent in Los Angeles for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2018. McQueens have been privileged to create flowers for the world’s most sought-after party for the past 24 years, and this year’s do was a magnificent event hosted by the new Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Radhika Jones.-

Photo credit Justin M Weiner for BWArchitects

The entrance at the Wallis Annenberg Center -Wallis Annenberg Center
What an entrance

The Vanity Fair party space is created adjacent to the Wallis Annenberg Center and City Hall in West Hollywood. The structure is built from scratch by a heroic team including designers, builders and architects who work tirelessly to greet the strictly A-list crowd in style on the most celebrated night in Hollywood. It’s a thrill to work alongside such a talented group, and attention is paid to the tiniest detail to ensure this space looks every bit as perfect as the guests who attend it.

All set for a starry night in HollywoodA beautiful event space for an amazing party - Photo credit Justin M Weiner for BWArchitects
All set for a starry night in Hollywood


The perfect party space! - Photo credit Justin M Weiner for BWArchitects
The perfect party space with the City Hall backdrop

McQueens team installed flowers throughout the sparkling venue; there was a  gorgeous classic white combination for the table flowers for the gathering of the great and the good for a sit-down dinner as they watched the winners collect their gold statuettes on screens in the private lounge.

Waiting for the guests to arrive - Photo credit Justin M Weiner for BWArchitects
The best party in town!

When the Oscar ceremony is over, guests are ushed into the main party area while the space is transformed into the Apple music lounge. A cornucopia of entertainment greats from the film, TV and the music world arrive, running the gauntlet of the world’s press at the party entrance. Stars included Oscar-winners Frances McDormand and Gary Oldman, royalty of the music world Drake, Quincy Jones and our personal squeal moment –  RuPaul. The main party space was dressed with masses of delphinium, roses and hydrangea with imposing displays on the bars. Gorgeous miniature bundles of ranunculus and anemone were strategically placed so that you were never more than two metres away from a delicate and fragrant nosegay. On a glorious, glamorous evening in Hollywood, you’d expect nothing less!

vanity fair oscar party credit Justin M Weiner for BWArchitects_72


Rable centers of classic white ranunculus and anemone
A classic combination of white ranunculus and anemone