It’s Not All About Red Roses on St Valentine’s Day

Red is, without doubt, the predominant colour around the world for many choosing flowers as a romantic gift for St Valentine’s day. This huge spike in the demand for red flowers and, in particular, red roses can increase the auction price of certain varieties by as much as 400%, such is the clamour or premium red varieties. Red signifies love, romance and passion like no other and will forever be in vogue for St Valentine’s day.

Yes, we are fond of red and yes we love a red rose, and your recipient will gasp, and be in no doubt as to your intention when you present a beautiful bouquet of red roses. But there is much more to St Valentine’s day than red roses, with leagues of other beautiful varieties that will provide an elegant and romantic segway to a lovely Valentine’s Day, that doesn’t screech as loudly or as predictively as fire engine red. We asked a selection of team McQueens for their favourite non-red suggestions.

Emily Mathison, Events Manager

I think that spring flowers are the ultimate romantic gift and are the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day. Tulips and hyacinth for me represent the joy and excitement of a new season. Hyacinth has a gorgeous heady fragrance but they are understated and I would be delighted to receive a bouquet of these.

The McQueens Equinox Bouquet
The McQueens Equinox Bouquet

Andrea Bassoli, Store Manager 

I have always been fascinated by white flowers and for me, white is a symbol of pure love. A white bouquet is my suggestion for anyone who would like to avoid a cliche, and I think it has a very special simplicity and elegance that most people will love!

The McQueens 'Austen' Bouquet
The McQueens ‘Austen’ Bouquet

Michi Kanatschnig, Operations Manager

Anemone is my favourite flower at this time of year. They are so delicate charming and have an individuality all of their own. They are an exquisite variety that seems to become more popular each year and I think they make a gorgeous alternative to a red rose.

The McQueens 'Nova' Bouquet
The McQueens ‘Nova’ Bouquet

Daniella Piacquadio, Florist

There are so many beautiful flowers to choose from and I prefer a hot pink in place of traditional red. Although I also love roses in soft muted and vintage tones, too. Quicksand and Sahara are two examples of roses that go beautifully together and would make a stunning Valentine’s bouquet that isn’t too ‘in your face’ red!

The McQueens Bellissimo Bouquet
The McQueens ‘Bellissimo’ Bouquet

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