The McQueens 2018 St Valentine’s Day Bouquets

The sparkly remnants of a spectacular Christmas have only just been packed away here at McQueens, and yet already awaiting in the very near distance is the slinky silhouette of St Valentine’s Day. A rather peculiar, global phenomenon, Valentine’s Day is an industry all of its own and, despite the efforts of some of the world’s finest marketers competing to monopolise the occasion with their brand or product, flowers persevere as its ever most popular and treasured gift.

Whether it’s ardent love, fun flirtation or a hilariously tongue-in-cheek gesture (depending on what stage of a romantic journey you happen to be on), it’s clear there’s no better way to convey romantic emotions than with flowers.

Naturally, for florists, wholesalers and growers, Valentine’s Day has somewhat different connotations. For us, Valentine’s Day is exhilarating and back-breaking in equal measures. It’s a tough prospect for those who are romantically inclined or with loving partners, as it’s almost impossible to feel romantic or alluring after a 16 hour day. There is no such a thing as a gentle caress from the hands a hard working florist on Valentine’s Day, as any florist worth their salt could probably grate cheese on hands by the end of it — and let’s not get started on the drawbacks of being a single florist at Valentine’s.

However, with all things said, there is no escaping the charm that surrounds St Valentine’s Day and, hardbitten hands and all, we look forward to the heady flurry of romantic blooms that will engulf our workroom and shops for a fleeting 48hrs this February.

Our 2018 St Valentine’s Day Bouquets 

With merely weeks to go before the big event, we are busily preparing ahead, and today we’re delighted to share with you this year’s collection of McQueens Valentine’s bouquets.

These are all available for delivery within the London area. For nationwide deliveries please see our new nationwide bouquet delivery service. All bouquets can be pre-ordered in advance, simply select the date you’d like to have them delivered during check out!

Love me Tender

Created especially for St Valentine’s Day. This exquisite and romantic bouquet of beautiful red and purple anemone are guaranteed to delight a very special person!

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The McQueens 'Love me Tender' Bouquet
The McQueens ‘Love me Tender’ Valentine’s Bouquet

Endless Love

Large, luxurious, red, red roses. It’s all about love.

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The McQueens Endless Love Bouquet
The McQueens ‘Endless Love’ Valentine’s Bouquet

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Like the gentlest of kisses, each tulip has the power to seduce.

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The McQueens 'Truly, Madly, Deeply' hand-tied bouquet made with masses of red tulips and a collar of seasonal foliage.
The McQueens ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ Valentine’s Bouquet

Crazy in Love

Pale pink and black baccara roses; the very essence of romance.

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Valentine Bouquet 2017 -Crazy in Love
The McQueens ‘Crazy in Love’Valentine’s Bouquet

Happy Together

Lilac roses, lilac and clematis; true love in any language.

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The McQueens hand-tied bouquet, Happy Together, made with lilac roses, tulips, Clematis and a touch of seasonal foliage.
The McQueens ‘Happy Together’ Valentine’s Bouquet


Nothing says love like a red, red rose. This sumptuous hand-tie of scarlet red Naomi roses, tightly arranged, is indulgent, arresting and straight from the heart.

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The McQueens 'Amour' Valentine's bouquet made with premium red 'Naomi' roses
The McQueens ‘Amour’ Valentine’s bouquet