McQueens Flower School Class Project: Large Urn

We’ve loved welcoming a fabulous group of new vocational students to the McQueens Flower School for a flying start to 2018. Our first class of the year has representatives from all around the globe, in addition to students who literally live down the road from our humble HQ in East London. January brings lots of promise for an exciting new year and we are absolutely honoured to play a part in the start of new adventures as our students take their floristry skills to the next level.

In this video, we captured our students engrossed in creating a classic large urn display as part of the second, Corporate and Events week. It’s during this week students learn all about the practicalities of creating flowers for events and designs that look incredible in working places and environments.

Large urn: A popular design for studensts at McQueens Flower School
Large urn: A popular design for students at McQueens Flower School

The entire four-week vocational course comprises of modular week blocks, focusing on different areas of contemporary design. Starting from the basics aspects of conditioning and care for flowers, students graduate from the simple flower designs in the first week to more complex items as the course progress.

The size and scale of designs increase from week to week with the introduction of increasingly more elaborate and flower intensive styles. Exploring the construction methods and versatility of each design is included in each class, with discussions on the variations of styling, colour and flower choice depending on the season. The classroom is a riot of colour, with flowers everywhere and there is a distinct buzz in the room with students working on large and impressive designs.

“All of our classes include comprehensive introductions, explaining the application of each design and the ways that they can be modified to achieve different looks” explains senior tutor, Diana Martinez. “We talk about the benefits and the specific considerations with each design. With large-scale designs such as urns, we are careful to demonstrate step-by-step the construction and mechanical method of each design. Students often get excited about the fun part of actually arranging the flowers but we are very clear to show how important every step is. This is one of the most popular classes and an important part of the course. The classroom is filled with the most wonderful scent and is transformed with colour. Plenty of time is allocated for taking pictures and the end result is very Instagramable!”

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