Miller Harris Launches Two New Fragrances: Scherzo and Tender

Here at McQueens we have always been huge fans of Miller Harris, so you can understand how delighted we were when they asked us to create some flowery visuals for the launch of their exciting new eau de parfums, Scherzo and Tender. 

The fragrances were inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece of change and contrast, Tender is the Night. Two sets of perfumers were asked to interpret the same passage from the novel in their own way, each applying their unique artistry to translate the text into scent. Just as we experience a novel in a uniquely personal way, the same is true of fragrance Scherzo and Tender are separate and intimate expressions, exploring contrast and the sensual journey between darkness and light.

“…She walked on, between kaleidoscopic peonies massed in pink clouds, black and brown tulips and fragile mauve stemmed roses, transparent like sugar flowers in a confectioner’s window – until, as if the scherzo of colour could reach no further intensity, it broke off suddenly in mid-air.”

Our visual interpretation created by McQueens social media manager, Duncan McCabe plays with flowers referenced in the passage. ‘Both fragrances are exquisite,’ explains Duncan, ‘and the fragrances have an intensity and power that made the video shoot-outs of fun. Peonies are quite hard to come by at this time of year but they looked amazing with the dark tulips and combination of roses.’

Sarah Rotheram, CEO of Miller Harris London explains how Miller Harris came to launch these incredible new fragrances.

This is a very personal journey to me. Whilst on holiday in the summer of 2016, I was reading Tender is the Night, a book I had read many years ago.

Only a few chapters in I came across the word ‘scherzo’ and was inspired, reading the preceding lines, there on the page sat a fragrance brief. A wonderfully descriptive passage of text, bringing to life a garden in the South of France.

The book is a tale of contrasts, between innocence and passion, the end of the war and the pain that comes with the war and the hope of a new era, youth and age, old worlds colliding with the new, love, romance, dark and light.

We wanted the perfumers to extract from the passage their own interpretation of the fragrance, so were careful not to provide an olfactive brief and I am delighted that the contrast between these two fragrances not only brings the passage to life but the many tensions and contrasts in the novel.

I have a feeling that F. Scott Fitzgerald and Tender is the Night, will always remain close to my heart.”

The Fragrances

Scherzo has been created by French Perfumer Mathieu Nardin. He has created a number of fragrances for Miller Harris; Etui Noir, Lumiere Dorée, Rose Silence and Vetiver Insolent. 

A kaleidoscopic splash of intense colour and scent, Scherzo opens up with hues of blood orange tangerine, bright purple davanna and golden olibanum resin.  A mirror of angles and light transform to reveal bright yellow and white hues of narcissus flower and pittosporum.  Deep dark red roses like love blooming mingle with rich patchouli, vanilla and Oudh wood, sprinkled with a confectioner’s window of sweet maltol to reflect a rainbow illusion, an intoxicating rush for the senses.

Tender has been created by French perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour.

This fragrance is a convergence of dark and light, following an intangible mist of blooms along white border stones.  Seductive black ink tulips intersperse with light pink clouds of peonies, fragile mauve stemmed roses and green hyacinth.  Golden Saffron, geranium flowers and leather provide a beautiful prelude to a lingering trail, like innocence melting away with frankincense, storax, sandalwood, patchouli and musk.