The Shard Christmas Tree

We have loved creating exciting festive installations throughout London in some of the capital’s fabulous landmark destinations. The thrill of creating elaborate displays at this time of year is tempered by the hard physical toll it takes on the team.

We limber up for Christmas in September and begin preparing for the installation of each venue; we plan meticulously for the install dates which start in the middle of November. The creation and decorative aspect is only one part of the job;  the operational and logistics side also need to be planned to make sure the correct amount of McQ staff are on hand, and then we also have to think about transport and access to each venue. Did we mention that our larger installations are done overnight to avoid any disruption? Well they are – so that plays havoc with our beauty sleep, obvs.

A grand festive welcome that is framed with light.
A magnificent festive welcome that is framed with light.

Extra van provision and plenty of muscle were required to ensure our elaborate Christmas tree installation at the Shard reception went according to plan. McQueen senior florist Rodney Mark Johnson takes up the story.

‘The Christmas tree this year was inspired by The Shard itself, one of London’s most iconic buildings. We have been planning this project all year and have had the frames custom built especially for space – the building has such a high profile that we needed an amazing contemporary structure to reflect those same ideals. The installation consists of four interconnecting metal structures that echo the silhouette of the building. They were erected in a cluster in the reception area and provide the framework for our installation. The skeleton of the frame was dressed with strip lighting to highlight the shape of the design, and then we carefully arranged – by hand – 850 gold and amber baubles at varying heights throughout the structure, which is six metres tall. The reception desk was dressed with mini hanging terraria that complemented the tree perfectly. The overall effect looks stunning, and it was a real pleasure to work on such a magnificent project. It will provide an amazing focal point to welcome Shard visitors throughout the festive period.”

The installation was dressed with over 850 baubles
The installation was dressed with over 850 baubles