Made by McQueens: The Ultimate Romantic Gift

In this video, McQueens florist John Minet demonstrates how to create the perfect romantic gift with a vase full of beautiful long-stemmed roses

We create beautiful gifts all year round for a variety of special occasions and we are always delighted to play a part in a surprise. We have a collection of stunning bouquets available online and in store that changes with the season, but we also create many bespoke creations for clients who are very specific about what they want. Although we create gorgeous gifts from a single flower purchase in the shop to the sky’s-the-limit commissions, as a florist it’s always a pleasure to create a floral gift on a grand scale. The practicalities of creating these large designs have to be worked out according to each individual commission. This takes into account the size of the gift, the volume of flowers, the type of flower, and the vase or container. McQueens florist John Minet, talks us through the process of creating a fabulous large-scale vase with – wait for it – no less than 220 red roses.

John creates a huge hand-tied of foliage that acts as the base for the placement of the roses
John creates a huge hand-tied of foliage that acts as the base for the placement of the roses

Red roses are the most popular romantic gift and it’s exciting when you get the chance to make a design working with hundreds of roses,’ says John. ‘This vase was created using a variety called Red Niome that is a beautiful premium rose standing 80cm tall. Red Niome is characterised by a large head of petals that slowly open up. It has the most incredible scent but it also is known as a long-lasting variety. I approached this commision by creating a large hand-tied of foliage that I placed in the vase without cutting. This provides a bed of foliage and makes it easy to build up the vase by adding the roses individually. It’s a slow process of trimming and placing each of the roses in turn, building it carefully and teasing the design into shape. I was really pleased with the end result and the combination of all those roses makes quite an incredible scent; I imagine the recipient of this arrangement would feel very special indeed.’

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