Flowery Stories with Kally Ellis

In case you hadn’t noticed, we are rather fond of flower here at McQueens. We enjoy admiring them, buying them, conditioning and arranging them and here at McQueens; the blog we love writing about them and photographing them, too.

They are a compelling, fascinating, astonishing and magnificent natural phenomenon that bother, beguile and bewitch us, and we are captivated by their beauty on a regular basis. But intriguingly flowers have a power that is hard to define. There is also a magic and mystery about them that is often hard to articulate; they have an individual meaning to every single person. To celebrate flowers and to share our passion,  we are delighted to launch a regular video series called Flowery Stories. The series is filmed at McQueens Flower School at our HQ in Bethnal Green, and we are very excited to share a selection of flowery stories with friends of McQueens, exploring what they mean to each person and why they find them so interesting.

To start the series we are delighted to share McQueens founder and MD Kally Ellis’s very own Flowery Story.

‘Flowers have always been a really important part of my life. My mother inspired me initially. She was such a keen gardener we always had lily of the valley and bluebells growing beneath the trees. Coming from a Greek family we had an olive tree and a fig tree and all of these exotic plants that you wouldn’t find in England. She taught me everything I know and I used to follow her around and copy her, really.

Flowers obviously have changed my life completely. They have enriched my life, they give me so much pleasure. I come into work and I thank god I am surrounded by so much beauty. It’s different every day every day! peonies in the summer anemone’s right now. Hellebores at Christmas, my absolute pleasure and in the springtime, lily of the valley: lily of the valley remind me of my mother.

Anemones are my favourite because they remind me of my best friend who passed away many years ago. They were her favourites and every time I see them they remind me of her. My daughter is named after her  and without triggering or prompting her, she claims that these are her favourite flower so I find that this is a poetic justice that she would love them as much as she did and as much as I do. I don’t think that anyone should underestimate the power of flowers. Everyone should have them in the home purely because they brighten up a room and by brightening up a room up they brighten up a mood and that is irreplaceable. The look of them the smell of them the feel of them, everything about them can only give you pleasure!’