McQueens Featured in the Christmas 2017 Edition of Good Housekeeping

Here at McQueens we absolutely adore the festive season and as frequent readers of the blog will know, we have been busily preparing for Christmas for months. One such project, that we have kept under wraps until now, is a festive collaboration with that much-loved interiors magazine, Good Housekeeping.  We’re delighted to unveil the beautifully styled festive shoot complete with an abundance of McQueens flowers which, believe it or not, was completed in the height of summer, as McQueens head of operations, Michi Kanatschnig, continues:

“As florists, we’re accustomed to working on seasonal shoots, often several months ahead of the anticipated season in question. The challenge here is to source materials that are specific to that time period so that the scene we’re helping to create looks both fabulous and in keeping with the theme in question, in this case, Christmas in mid-summer.”

“The inspiration behind our flowers for the Good Housekeeping shoot was a traditional Christmas with a contemporary twist — although the materials say traditional the floral design and splashes of bright crimson hint at something a little more modern.”

“We were sure to incorporate a variety of crimson and red roses that are available in December to ensure that festive feel, as well as a selection different types of fragrant pine and eucalyptus that infuse rooms with all the delightful scents that we connect with Christmas. Last but not least, thistles, berries, cones and cinnamon were incorporated for a comforting, homely, festive look.”

Above: from left to right, a festive McQueens garland and two hand-tied bouquets complete with crimson roses, fragrant pine, eucalyptus, white thistles, red berries, pine cones and waxflower.

Above right: a garland of fragrant pine and crimson roses, eucalyptus, thistles, red berries and seasonal pine cones creates a sumptuous, Christmas centrepiece.

Above left: A hand-tied bouquet of seasonal reds and greens creates a striking side table centrepiece.

Above right: it’s all in the details, crimson garden roses and seasonal foliage create delicate, festive finish to rustic, bauble-filled lanterns.