My McQueens Flower School Experience: Mette Klevnas

Attracting students from around the world is a huge honour and a testament to the reputation that McQueens Flower School has built over the past twenty years. It’s incredible to watch the progress of our students and we enjoy following their work on Instagram, as with have done with our talented guest today. We spoke to recently graduated, Mette Klevnas, from Stockholm who attended our four-week vocational course in September to find out about her passion for flowers and what she learned at the McQueens Flower School.

Where does your interest in flowers come from?

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been a creative person. I love everything that has to do with shape and colour, different textures and above all – the creation itself. To create something with my own hands and see the result makes my soul happy. So I think my interest in flowers came very naturally.

Mette Klevnas former student at McQueens flower school
Mette Klevnas former student at McQueens flower school


What inspired you to train as a florist?

Many florists would say that they have been fascinated by flowers since they were little, and it’s the same with me. One day I realized that I wanted to know more about flowers, so I signed up for a florist training. I think that the main reason I chose flowers is that I can use all the creativity I have within me and practice it with living materials.

Large custom-made trees creates on the last week of the course
Large custom-made trees creates on the last week of the course

What made you choose McQueens school?

McQueens Flower School has always been my first and only choice. I chose McQueens mostly because of the content of the course but also because of the experience. The four-week vocational course contains different construction methods and flower designs than what I have learned as a florist in Sweden. It has opened my eyes and made me see what I can do differently with flowers and to dare to explore and test more.

How was the experience at the school?

My experience from McQueens was beyond my expectation. The teachers were absolutely amazing with so much knowledge and experience. The instructions were clear and easy to understand. I really loved the atmosphere in the classroom, it was always happy and enjoyable with lots of laughs.

The school space transformed with group projects created by students
The school space transformed with group projects created by students

What flowers do you most enjoy and have you discovered your personal style?

My favourite flower usually changes with the season. That’s why I think it’s so fun to be a florist because the material you work with is different depending on the season. But I really enjoy stocks, for their delicate and wonderful scent and dahlias because they come in so many different colours and varieties. I also love working with different kinds of foliage. But that’s only a few of my favourites.

I think I have to try out more materials and techniques before I can say that I have found my personal style, but I like it when the look is wild and natural.

What are your plans for the future?

I’m not in a hurry, I have a great job right now, where I enjoy it. In a few years, I may start freelancing or start my own business.

A opulent and elaborate cascading table design
An opulent and elaborate cascading table design

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