The Joys of Autumn and Winter Weddings

Autumn and winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. Waving goodbye to the stress of ‘will the sun shine or won’t it?’ on the big day is perhaps one of the biggest plus points, considering our infamous British weather. With an autumn or winter wedding, you are you’re free to enjoy whatever the weather throws at you and relinquish any need for pesky sunshine for your celebrations. It can all feel quite liberating.

The allure of candlelight and the sartorial options are other valid reasons. A gathering of a glamorously dressed congregation wearing wool, taffeta and velvet are as elegant as any summery satin, silk or organza get-ups. The food during autumn and winter offers its own delights. Factor in venue cost implications, (autumn and winter weddings can be much less expensive than the peak summer wedding period) and the fact that you have a better chance of securing the wedding services of your dreams during these off-peak periods can just swing the balance.

OK, granted for flowers, there are restrictions on choice. Some of our flower favourites such as peony, sweet pea and scabious are off the menu, but there is an abundance of choice for wedding flowers throughout the autumn and winter months.

We spoke to some of the McQueens events team to find out what’s hot for autumn and winter weddings

English Autumnal Garden

“Autumn is perfect for wedding flowers, and I adore English grown hydrangea from late September to November. The colours are stunning, no two stems are the same, and I love the idea of including rose hips and peachy-toned garden roses that you can usually find up until November. They look amazing for a very natural, garden flower wedding which translates well from brides bouquet through to the tables. Candlelight is a must for a wedding at this time of year; it instantly adds an intimate glow to any celebration and candelabra on tables add that ‘wow’ factor as guests enter the reception.”  Michi Kanatschnig

Autumnal wedding flowers

50 Shades of Red

“My favourite scheme for a winter’s wedding is a combination of reds. From burgundy, plum, aubergine and brighter shades of red, it can look sensational. It makes quite a bold statement and might not be appropriate for a shy and retiring bride, but it is very romantic and has a huge impact. Red has such a strong association with romance. There’s also something very decadent and glamorous about red at a wedding – it wreaks of love and undying passion.” Emily Mathison

Winter red wedding flowers

Pure and Simple

“An all-white wedding theme is the epitome of elegance and style and is just perfect for that big day during winter. Anemone and ranunculus are the ideal delicate flowers for wedding bouquets, and a reception dressed in all-white is pretty hard to beat; it just oozes style. There aren’t any flowers that are pure, pure white; most flowers are either cream, ivory or vanilla. This combination can add much more depth to the flower scheme and looks so much better in your wedding photographs.” Caleb Goh winter white wedding flowers

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