Colour Inspiration: Peach Flowers

When it comes to flowers, peach is a curious colour, often overlooked yet key to so many a winning floral scheme. Its subtleness lends itself to a combination of colours from ivory and cream to apricot and berry-toned blends, yet it is rarely used alone.

For some, this may come as no surprise as, in an era notoriously awash with millennial pink, this distant, somewhat forgotten relative hasn’t been given great significance of late. The households of the 80s however, saw a much different picture.

“The style in the 80’s was very much centred around pastels, a strong peach was a key colour for interiors and the home, so it was natural so that the trend would carry across to flowers” explains Duncan McCabe, McQueens Social Media Manager and florist of 25 years.

“Peach and cream combinations could be found everywhere from wallpaper; soft furnishings; bathroom suites; fashion; and, naturally flowers followed suit. It was by far one of the most popular choices for the consumer of the day.”

“Now we’re beginning to see a reemergence of peach with a 21st-century twist — today it’s less about a bold statement and all about a blend of nude colours, all the way from the pale hues of Café Au Lait Dahlias to vintage peach roses through to the deep, velvety richness of Chocolate Cosmos.”

“We’re beginning to see a reemergence of peach with a 21st-century twist — today it’s all about a blend of nude colours.”

Pale peach roses
Far cry from the bold colours of the 80’s, today’s consumers prefer a more subtle, vintage peach

And as for the classic peaches and cream from what appears now, to be a bygone era? They’re still enjoying their moment but with some subtle differences.

“When it comes to the classic peach such as a Peach Avalanche rose, we’re seeing less of a contrast and something a little more tonal. Explains Emily Mathison, Head of Special Events at McQueens.

“A mixed pastel palette is proving very popular. Perhaps where the bride previously would have wanted a peach and cream, we are seeing combinations of cream, peach or apricot and almost nutty taupe tones. The roses that really epitomise this colour scheme are Vendella, Quicksand, Café Latte and Cappuccino.”

Peach Avalanche and Quicksand Roses
A modern take on peaches and cream, vintage roses create a delicate bridge between the two colours

Of course, we mustn’t forget the delectable results that come with combining peach with it’s deeper, darker more seductive partner, berry tones. A combination favoured by those looking for something delicate yet a little daring; feminine but not ‘in your face’ girly, as Emily continues.

“This slightly more bohemian colour palette is lifted by using metallic containers and styling (with tea lights and candlesticks, for example) in soft silver, bronze and gold, and perhaps a tiny hint of something a bit darker and deeper like Chocolate Cosmos, or a dark leaf foliage (such as Cotinos or Copper Beach), to warm it up.”

Suffice to say, peach has come a long way from its 80s heydey and we can expect to see a lot more of it in our home, fashion and flowers soon. A trend perhaps best preluded by journalist, Martha Roberts, a fellow Amara Blogging Award nominee and author of The Colour File blog, who ended her recent commentary on the rise of peach with, “not sure? You’ll come round to it – you have until SS18.”

“Not sure? You’ll come round to it – you have until SS18.”

Hand tied peach and rasberry rose bridal bouquet
A ‘light and shade’ bridal bouquet with peach ranunculus, tulips and delectable raspberry roses

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