Flowery Stories: Lucinda Law

We LOVE having visitors and were delighted when the very wonderful botanical artist Lucinda Law paid us a visit at McQ HQ. Over a cup of tea, we were delighted to take Lucinda to one side and have a quick chat about her work and influences.

 ‘My love of flowers, I think starts from childhood. My grandma is a big fan of flowers, and I remember playing with flowers as natural materials. All of the colours really captivated me when I was young.

Flowers are a source of inspiration in much of Lucinda's work
Flowers are a source of inspiration in much of Lucinda’s work

I started painting when I was about 17, when a book called Magic and Medicine of Plants arrived at my house. I looked at the paintings, and was captivated by the botanical illustrations in it. I just had this sense that perhaps I could paint them – and I did. So I spent three years of my life as a bedroom painter and began creating botanical illustrations.

For me, flowers represent love, and they can also elicit a feeling of care, and of comfort. I think above all, flowers represent a sense of creative potential when they are in their full bloom – and I like that very much.

I enjoyed my day so much. I thought by coming here today, there was some part of flowers that could be demystified for me. But I think, in fact, it has increased that sense of mystery. Thank you for your time – this has really just increased my love of flowers.’

Botanical artist, Lucinda law
Botanical artist, Lucinda law