The Pros and Cons of Tossing The Bouquet

When it comes to the question of whether or not to toss the wedding bouquet, it will come as no surprise that many florists will stand firmly on the side of ‘please, no’. The mere thought of hours of painstaking work being flung with abandon into the air, causing a scrum of lovelorn ladies, can be enough to send a small shiver down the spine.

As one of the most photographed subjects in most wedding celebrations, asides from the couple themselves, of course, the wedding bouquet is always afforded extra special care and attention to detail. And that’s just referring to hand-tied designs; more intricate creations, such as wired shower bouquets, can take over an hour to create, requiring the individual wiring of dozens of stems before construction.

Therefore, it goes without saying that most of us would prefer not to have our lovingly made creations fall head-first into a gaggle of excitable guests (especially after a few glasses of champagne).

On the other hand, we totally get that there are many positives to the age-old tradition of tossing the bouquet — it’s enjoyable, for a start!

The tossing of the bouquet is a hard-and-fast way to gather everyone together for some fun and often doubles up as a marker to the start of the evening’s festivities. For those who aren’t participating, it can be a hugely entertaining to watch as potential brides-to-be battle for the catch, as McQueens Social Media Assistant, Selina Kerley recalls.

“Once, at a family wedding, I was the only unmarried girl there over the age of 12 (I was 26). I did my best to avoid it but couldn’t escape being herded on to the dance-floor for the traditional tossing of the bouquet. Needless to say, the sight of me battling a bunch of children for the wedding bouquet was the cause of much entertainment to the rest of the guests…”

Added to the festive fun is a fantastic photo opportunity — the type that photographers love — as guest’s faces light up with a unique expression of anticipation and excitement that’s hard to emulate elsewhere.

So, what to do when it comes to the quandary of whether or not to toss your bouquet? Our recommendation would be to use a substitute, as McQueens Head of Special Events, Emily Mathison explains.

“Lots of brides, especially those who opt for a shower or over-the-arm design, will request a substitute posy for the tradition of tossing the bouquet. This is useful in a couple of ways; firstly your own bouquet stays intact and secondly, a sizable bouquet isn’t as easy to throw as you might think! A small, compact posy is far more practical and you won’t risk knocking someone out in the process.”

Alternatively, if your bridesmaids aren’t too attached to their bouquets you can always sacrifice one of theirs to take one for the team.

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