Why Pink Flowers Are the Perfect Choice for Your Wedding Day

Pink may not be your number one choice of colour, in fact, many people have a ‘love it or hate it’ point of view, especially when it comes to flowers. We, however, find it quite charming. It’s a calming, dainty colour that has been popular since its initial boom in the 18th century, when pastels became the colour du jour for fashionistas throughout the courts of Europe. In paintings, it was used to represent romanticism, love, tenderness and later, youth, innocence and childhood. Pink was famously the colour little boys wore throughout the 18th century, with the calmer, more delicate pale blue reserved for girls.

Fast forward to today, the colour is seeing a more androgynous revival in the form of millennial pink, the colour of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel, the colour chosen by David Shrigley and India Mahdavi for their makeover of the Gallery at Sketch London, and the ‘Rose Quartz’ in Pantone’s 2016 Colour of the Year.

Suffice to say, pink is popular and where better to use this classic colour than in your wedding flowers? If classic connotations with romance and love weren’t already enough, here are our top reasons why pink flowers are the perfect choice for your wedding day.

There’s a shade of pink for everyone

From deep pink and hot pink to champagne pink, vintage pink, baby pink and everything in between, the array of shades available is mind-boggling. Summer is by far the most popular time of year for classic pink-themed weddings, when everyone’s most loved pink flowers –  peonies, garden roses and fluffy pastel hydrangeas – come in to bloom. For those who prefer their pinks a little peachier, pinker or more muted, however, there will always be a bountiful selection no matter what time of year.

Dark pink bridal flower bouquet by McQueens
A classic, domed, deep pink bridal bouquet

You can’t beat a pink rose

The are thousands of cultivars of roses, from the classic red rose — the favourite for passionate gestures, proposals and naturally, Valentine’s Day — to whites, creams, lilac, peaches, yellows and even greens. The pink rose, however, has an understated staying power that tops the list. It’s the colour most requested for birthdays, parties, anniversaries, baby showers, ‘thank you’ flowers and more. It’s a colour which adapts to the occasion with grace and elegance,  a romantic flower that carries its darker, more passionate colours deep within the folds of its petals.

Pink, scented garden roses
Pink, heavenly-scented garden roses

Pink doesn’t mean ‘girly’

There’s the occasional misconception that pink wedding flowers are synonymous with the big, blowsy blooms in the ‘happy ever after’ weddings of fairy tails (not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, we adore a bountiful wedding). However, as with shades of pink, there are many different varieties of flowers to opt for. The Calla Lily is a fantastic example of this, pictured here combined with a deeper, plum shade for a cleaner, more modern version of a pink wedding bouquet.

A bridal bouquet of deep pink Calla Lilies by McQueens
A bridal bouquet of deep pink and violet Calla lilies

Pink goes with everything

As florists, we’re trained from the start to recognise a good colour combination and take it from us, pink goes with everything. If all-over pink isn’t your bag, why not combine it with a variety of colours for an eclectic, colourful look or with matching pastels for a more subtle feel?

Tall pink, violet, orange and red wedding table flower displays by McQueens
Eclectic pink, violet, orange and red wedding table flower displays

There are endless varieties of pink flowers

Regardless of the season, there will always be an array of pink blooms to celebrate in style. From the bountiful, blousy blooms so synonymous with summer to the ever popular ranunculus which makes its appearance in the depth of winter. This delightful bloom of tightly-packed petals is nature’s very own antidote to the darker days and damper months.

Pink ranunculus, McQueens
Everyone’s favourite pink winter flower, the ranunculus