Instagrammer of The Week: Plants on Pink

Regardless of whether you’re into plants or not, or even a fan of the colour pink, there’s something deeply irresistible about the combination of the two, as Lotte Van Baalen’s Instagram account, @PlantsOnPink has proved. With almost 100k followers and regular press mentions including Vogue Australia, the BBC, and Instagram itself (in the second edition of their global magazine), what began as a hobby has rapidly turned Lotte into somewhat of an Instagram star, uniting an online community of #PlantsOnPink enthusiasts from all over the world.

Lotte, we think it would be safe to say that your account is probably one of the most well-known plants Instagram accounts out there. Did you ever expect it to get so big?

Thank you! When I started this project I would never have expected it to expand to a platform of nearly 100,000 @PlantsOnPink enthusiasts from all over the world!

What prompted you to start Plants on Pink?

I was fascinated by the combination of pink and green for a while and subconsciously looked for it everywhere; what you focus upon grows. One day I rode my bike past a pink wall with some plants in front of it in Utrecht, the Netherlands where I was born, and suddenly it hit me: those are plants on pink. Eureka!

Lotte Vaan Baalen, the artist behind the Plant on Pink Instagram account, poses among tropical plants wearing a pink merino jumper
Lotte in a pink (naturally) @hades_wool merino jumper


Tell us about your experience with Instagram…

I really started this project because it just seemed so much fun to collect images of plants against pink from all over the world. Nothing more. I had no intentions whatsoever to take over the online plants world. Little did I know…

What do you love most about it?

It provides the perfect window for me to post a beautiful image every day. It is a great platform; I see this project as a creative community where we are all on the hunt to capture all the @PlantsOnPink from all over the world. And believe me, they’re everywhere! It has absolutely exceeded all my expectations. The rapid expansion and continued growth of my account is really mindblowing. All the interesting projects and fun collaborations it has brought me, the places it has taken me and the inspiring people I have befriended along the way… I’m very, very grateful. Every day!

Cats & Plants at @zioxla
#PlantsOnPink by @zioxla, publisher of Cats & Plants


What is your approach to posting images?

It basically comes down to me posting one picture a day that really speaks to me. The caption is the same in every post. It can be quite a search sometimes to find out where an image is taken so I can use the geotag accordingly.

How does it reflect your personality?

Whatever I do in life, I always dive in deep. Head first. I find out along the way. That’s how I learn, how I grow, how I work. I am a very passionate woman, I can get obsessed. It’s in my DNA. I love the repetitive motion of posting a serene and soothing image of the same theme on a daily basis. I love nature and that is one of the greatest aspects of @PlantsOnPink. It makes us more aware of the natural and abundant beauty that surrounds us, both on and off line. To reconnect with nature. We really, really need to reconnect with nature.

#PlantsOnPink by @studioklarenbeek
#PlantsOnPink by @studioklarenbeek


Who do you most admire?

I love fashion, art and I’m a CrossFit and yoga enthusiast, so my feed is a nice mixture of all of that. I love to get inspired!

Last but not least, tell us about your relationship with flowers, foliage, and plants…

I feel very much drawn towards nature, plants in particular. Like other millennials, I have a lot of plants at home. Plants are a great way to get in touch with nature when living in a city. People assume that I must have a lot of pink walls in my home, but I don’t. At all! Obviously, I pay special attention to the greenery when I enter a space. Plants make people happy!

Lotte Vaan Baalen as portrayed by artist @kimsielbeck on Instagram
Lotte Van Baalen as portrayed by artist, @kimsielbeck