The Thorny Issue of Love

Crazy in love. Love is a mysterious thing.  Love will tear us apart, apparently. What could one add to the topic that has bewitched, bothered and bewildered us since time begun? Art, literature, and even Beyoncé Knowles have been inspired by the eternal flame of love, and most of us will have been bitten (or are ready and waiting to be ravaged!) by the all-consuming bug at some point or other. Love permeates every aspect of the world that we live in today–  it’s the driving force that ensures the continuation of future life on this planet and provides the main narrative thread in pretty much every film you ever did see. Well apart from Night of the Living Dead, possibly.

Proclamations of love can take many guises and there are countless historical stories of wars being fought, palaces being built and epic journeys made through time and continents – all in the relentless pursuit of love.

But for most of us, our declaration of love might take a more modest – albeit just as heartfelt – route. A box of chocolates can be a lovely surprise, a romantic dinner at a favourite restaurant will always please, too. But flowers are up there as the world’s favourite way to declare an intention of love. Roses are the number one flower gifted as a token of love. They always have been, and probably always will be; that’s just they way things roll. But it doesn’t start and end with roses, there are plenty of options and flowers can communicate like nothing else, a universal language that we all understand.

Of course, Saint Valentine’s Day is dedicated to love and romance throughout the world. It’s a joyous occasion that wreaks havoc on the love life of florists everywhere but we battle with flowers to play our part in stories of fledgling relationships and happily married couples and heaps of scenarios in between. Flowers are a must for Valentine’s Day but they shouldn’t be left for one day of the year. We think flowers should be lavished upon the ones you love all year round. So with all that in mind we thought would bring you the favourite suggestions for romantic floral gifts from a selection of us all here at Team McQueens.

‘Peony is an obvious choice’ says McQ sales manager, Costa Popadopolus. They are the perfect romantic flower and one of the most requested flowers at this time of year.

Peony the perfect romantic flower
Peony the perfect romantic flower

‘I love scabiosa for a romantic flower,’ says s McQ operations manager Michi Kanachnig. ‘They are very delicate and feminine and the perfect token of love.’

Scabiosa. An exquisite choice for the one you love!
Scabiosa; an exquisite choice for the one you love!

‘I think stock is a gorgeous gift to say I love you,’ says McQ head of corporate events, Caleb Goh. ‘ They are not the most obvious flower but they have such a lovely scent, and they would be my recommendation!’

Say I love you with heavenly scented stock
Say ‘I love you’ with heavenly scented stock

‘I love chocolate cosmo,’ Diana Martinez tells us. ‘They are unique and the perfect exquisite gift if you want to impress someone!’

Chocolate cosmos a unique love gift
Chocolate cosmos: a unique love gift

‘I love sweet william and think they are a gorgeous flower to give as a romantic gift,’ explains Emily Mathison. ‘It’s a classic old-school flower that has been enjoying a renaissance and I think are the perfect ‘I love you’ gift!’

Sweet William. The classic love statement
Sweet willies: a classic love statement

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