McQueens Flower School: A Happy Work Experience

Apart from the world class tuition offered to students at McQueens Flower School and the considerable weight of experience associated with a brand with a rich 26 year history, one of the key benefits that make McQueens Flower School such an attractive proposition for those wanting to learn more about flowers is its locality (on the top floor of McQueens HQ) – it’s an integrated part of the McQueens business. Students enrolling on one of our vocational courses enjoy a tour of all departments at McQueens and an introduction to many of the key members of staff. It’s great to see the hustle and bustle of a thriving flower design business and a peek behind the curtain to see how it all works. For those that are serious about their journey working with flowers, there is an option to complete a period of work experience to help to take skills to the next level. We pride ourselves on the considerable success of McQueens Flower School and are very clear to manage the expectation of students on entering the school. A four-week course on its own will never make you into an instant top florist, but it’s an important step on the ladder, which will invariably need a further period of experience, research – and lots and lots of practice!

We spoke to some of our international students to find out about their time at McQueens Flower School and how useful they found their work experience.

Su Jin

‘I loved my time at McQueens Flower School. It was so memorable and I learned so much in such a short amount of time. It gave me lots of confidence for when I began work experience. It was strange at first not being in the classroom but I really enjoyed working within the different areas of the business. I have experienced lots of different things and worked in some amazing venues.’

Geum Ju

‘McQueens is very well known in Korea and is very popular with Korean students. I was very surprised at how many students there came from all over the world. All of the students bonded and it was great to learn from three different tutors. The work experience has been great and very varied. It is very exciting to see so much diverse work.’

Jae Hye

‘I have loved the experience at McQueens. The school was amazing and the work experience has been so beneficial. I have loved seeing so many different types of flowers delivered every day and it’s great to see the scale of the work that is done here. It has been great to see!’

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