McQueens Flower School: A Step by Step Approach

Learning anything new can be a daunting undertaking particularly if you are considering a career change. It takes time to climb a mountain but that journey always begins with just one step. Here at McQueens Flower School, we welcome many different types of students who come to us from different walks of life and all for their own individual reasons. Casual flower fans rub shoulders with seriously minded devotees, and the occasional convert, who’s been dragged along by a friend, only to be seduced by the power of flowers! We have classes for everyone from our super popular flower fun experience classes to our world renowned four-week vocational course where students are put through their paces and are tutored in every aspect of contemporary design.

But for each class, we take a measured and methodical approach to teaching that covers both construction methods and flower design. We spoke to our team of tutors at McQueens Flower School to find out about their particular approach.

‘Our classes are a mixture of presentation, demonstration and practical projects,’ explains Emily Mathison, our course director. ‘It’s all about handling flowers and getting to know the individual characteristics of different types of flowers. We teach a wide range of techniques and design styles but for beginners, we find that the step-by-step method of learning gets the quickest result. After mastering the essential basics of working with flowers, students inevitably develop their own style and begin exploring their own creativity but the foundations of design and construction methods underpin all this.’

McQueens Flower School Tutor Emily
McQueens Flower School Director, Emily Mathison

‘It’s a good idea to learn some rules before deciding to break them,’ says Giuseppe Puddori, course tutor at McQueens Flower School. ‘This would be the same for photography, graphics or any other creative design field for that matter. We think it’s important to give students a good grounding here at McQueens Flower School. We have a combination of teachers and we all enjoy offering our individual experience and approaches. We break down the mechanical aspects of each project and offer simple and clear demonstration. Students are able to answer questions along every step of the way so they understand exactly what we are doing, and pick up new techniques very quickly. We love to see the progress of our students, it’s great to see them grow in confidence!’

‘We are proud of the relaxed but informative atmosphere that we cultivate here at the school’ explains school tutor Diana Martinez. ‘Students learn best when they are relaxed and feel at home. We try to avoid a competitive atmosphere in the class – everyone develops at their own pace – and it’s all about quality over speed and attention to details with flowers. We have been so lucky to teach so many students around the world, and many of them are great success stories but the essence to all of that success stems from a very simple step-by-step approach.’

McQueens Flower School Tutor Diana
McQueens Flower School tutor, Diana Martinez

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