Ask McQueens: How Can I Change Career to Floristry?

Changing career rarely comes without its risks, and that includes a move into the world of floristry. For many, the dream of pretty flowers and Pinterest-perfect wedding displays swiftly melts away with the reality of early mornings, irregular starts, and grubby fingernails! If you have however, decided that it’s the career for you then read on. Today one of our events florists, Hannah, offers her advice on the best way to get your foot in the door – and stay there!

I’ve always been interested in flowers but have worked as a graphic designer for the past few years, after originally graduating with an art degree. I recently did a short course in floristry and loved it, and definitely want to change career but I don’t know where to begin. Do you have any advice on where to start? 

Sophie, Somerset

When it comes to floristry, Sophie, it helps to have a flair for creativity so you’re already on the right track! I would suggest getting as much hands-on experience as you can, as soon as possible. You could start by training at a local flower shop, a market stall, or finding a freelance florist who would appreciate a bit of help. Networking is key, so the sooner you can get your foot in the door somewhere, the better.

I was in a similar position myself after starting my career as a prop designer. Just over a year ago I decided to make the move into floristry and began by enrolling on the McQueens vocational course. Afterwards, I carried on doing work experience at McQueens and was fortunate enough to land a junior role by the end of it. It did mean saving up and preparing to be out of work for a while, but the risk paid off!

Whether you start little by little, or dive in head-first, getting involved with other florists and floristry-related projects is a great start — so many jobs are found by word of mouth. Social media is a powerful tool too, so don’t be afraid of letting people know that you’re looking for work, and make sure you post about the lovely designs you make. You’d be surprised how quickly word can spread.

If you’re struggling to move away from your desk job initially why not see if you can start combining floristry with graphic design? There are an awful lot of florists out there who are excellent at their craft but would really appreciate some expert advice when it comes to branding — who knows who you could meet? With enough hard work and perseverance, you’ll get there. Good luck.

Hannah Jerome, McQueens Events Florist

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Hannah Jerome, Events Florist at McQueens Flowers, London
Today’s ‘agony aunt’ Hannah Jerome, Events Florist at McQueens, London