Ask McQueens: I Love Colourful Flowers but My Fiancée Wants a ‘Neutral’ Look – Help!

Anyone who’s decorated with a significant other will recognise the perils of choosing a colour scheme with their partner, you never fully appreciate how many colour combinations there are in the world until you’ve compared several hundred swatches on a wall and, more often than not, exercised a little bit of compromise before picking the perfect look. Now, add a wedding to the mix and suddenly a living room seems like a doddle. To help today’s reader with her colourful flower scheme quandary, we’ve asked Head of Weddings and Special Events, Poppy Frost to lend her expert advice.

I’m getting married next spring and I love colourful flowers (my absolute favourites are bright pink and coral peonies) but my husband-to-be is more of a ‘neutral’ whites and creams kind of guy. Do you have any suggestions on how we can compromise on something between the two?

Siobhan, Essex

I think your best bet would be to use the same flower in different colours to compromise somewhere in the middle. You can still use Peonies, but maybe use cream, white or subtle, pink-tinged varieties for your larger displays (in the church or venue where you’re getting married), and use the brighter colours in your wedding and bridesmaids bouquets. The flowers for the reception could then be a mixture between the two.

For example; your bouquet flowers could include coral and bright pink peonies, bright pink spray roses and coral standard roses. I would suggest a few cream peonies to reflect the church/venue displays, which would be made using the same flowers in creams and whites. The groom and his ushers could have cream roses, perhaps with a small pink spray rose to reflect the bouquet, for their buttonholes.

Hopefully, this should be enough of a compromise between the two of you but if you want to tone it down more, then I’d suggest using a blend of pale pink, coral and cream hues throughout your blooms to create a delicately colourful look, which will suit your Fiancée’s more subtle preferences, too. Good luck!

Poppy Frost, Head of Weddings and Special Events at McQueens

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A soft pink and cream floral colour scheme for a wedding at Claridge's Hotel by McQueens, London.
When opposites attract, a blend of soft colours can be the perfect solution
Poppy Frost - Head of Events at McQueens
Today’s ‘Agony Aunt’ Poppy Frost – Head of Weddings and Special Events at McQueens