McQueens Flower School: Super-Sized Summer Urn

Students at McQueens Flower School celebrate summer flowers with a collection of super-sized urns packed full of classic garden flowers.

McQueens tutors, Emily Mathison and Andrea Bassoli, guided the class through the process of preparing the mechanics and adding foliage to establish the size and shape of the urns. The flowers were then arranged in stages to gradually complete the design, working with seasonal foliage, roses, Delphinium, Hydrangea, guelder rose and Scabiosa. The end result was spectacular.

“We love working on a larger scale on the last week of our four-week vocational course,” says Emily Mathison McQueens head tutor. “There is something liberating and freeing about working on such a large scale and our students always enjoy the challenge. This is a wonderful time of year as spring turns to summer and we can really make the most of seasonal flowers. Our four-week vocational course starts with the basic aspects of working with flowers and progresses to larger designs on the last week’

“Our advanced classes give students a taste of what it is like to create flowers for events.” Explains Andrea Bassolli, course tutor. “These types of classic urns are very popular for weddings and events so it is an important part of the course. We give lots of guidance and step by step help with creating the designs but the classes are very hands-on. We think that working and handling the flowers in this way is the best way to learn. We love seeing our students grow with confidence. It’s great to see the transformation of the school space with the addition of masses of flowers and the impact created by similar designs replicated by each group of students. Towards the end, there is a great sense of achievement and this is a very popular class with students. We have plenty of time for everyone to take pictures and, after the class, the urns are taken apart and reconstructed into bouquets for the students to enjoy at home.”

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