Our Top Five Vintage Rose Varieties

Left to right, Blue Curiosa, Sahara, Earl Grey, Amnesia, Blue Curiosa
Vintage shades; from left to right, Ocean Song, Sahara, Earl Grey, Amnesia, Cool Water

The term ‘vintage’ has been used to describe certain flowers for a number of years now, and it’s a trend that doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. The popularity of all things vintage – be it dress, hairstyles or accessories – means there is currently a huge demand for the sort of wistful and romantic look in wedding flowers that echoes brides of yore, and the days when your grandma got hitched. This theme means pretty candy-coloured flowers have been replaced by brides choosing unique varieties that have evocative muted or slightly faded tones. There are countless new rose varieties that tick this box with oh-so-subtle shades that are gorgeous but sometimes hard to define. With that in mind, we share our top five vintage-toned rose varieties.

Earl Grey

The aptly named Earl Grey rose has that beautiful faded quality that looks like it belongs in a different era. The soft grey colour has a unique vintage quality that makes it the perfect rose to include in a wedding bouquet. They have a distinct appeal but are still soft and feminine and look amazing combined with blush pink shades or soft lilac.


Amnesia sits on the stronger side of vintage and defies a standard description. They are a beautiful and impactful variety that are unlike most roses you are likely to see. The colour can be best be described as lilac meets bronze, which doesn’t sound all that appealing, but looks pretty amazing. They are an interesting beauty but not everyone’s cup of tea. Whilst most people are seduced by the individual aesthetic of this rose variety, some clients have mistaken their unusual colour as a sign that the roses are past their best. It’s not – it’s just born that way – and it will be adored by brides who like something different.

Ocean Song

There are few rose varieties that are known by two different variety names and Ocean Song is one such example. Also known as Boyfriend, this lilac-coloured beauty has been a firm favourite for a number of years. The pastel shade is adored for its feminine charm, and this delicate medium headed specimen gently opens to reveal petals that curl outwards giving it an old world charm. They are undeniably romantic and look sensational combined with other lilac shaded flowers.


Sahara are among a batch of rose varieties that that fall into the same category; with names like Quicksand and Sandstorm, these rose varieties are the colours of yup, you guessed it – soft pale sand. The beauty of these gorgeous and unique rose varieties is the way that they reflect light. They are a photographer’s dream, and clients fall in love with them because they of a beautiful and understated classic statement that make these the perfect alternative to white. They certainly fall into that ‘nude’ category of flowers that have been increasing in popularity for the last few years.

Cool Water

A hint of blue collides head-on with lilac to form this beautiful rose variety that looks like it belongs in an old Dutch Master painting. There is an ethereal charm with this stunning rose variety that makes it a perfect choice for a wedding bouquet. It’s unique and coveted shade looks amazing all on its own, or it will sit perfectly alongside shades that blend from purple through to pink.

Vintage style. The perfect combination
Vintage style. The perfect combination