Trending: Flower Ice Cubes

What could be more delightful on a hot summer’s day than a cool drink, chilled with flower ice cubes picked fresh from the garden? Not only does your tipple look totally gorgeous (and your Insta-game upped by about 100%) but the possibilities are endless; a sparkling flute of bubbly with dusky spray roses floating inside, edible pansies adding a splash of colour to your G&T, or encapsulated lavender bringing a hint of Provence to your favourite beverage. If, like us, you can’t wait to try this at home, just be sure to stick to the ones you know are edible, and if in doubt, order them online! We don’t want to spoil that idyllic summer’s afternoon with a trip to A&E (we’re talking about you, foxglove!). Caution aside, we can’t get enough of this trend and it seems everyone on Instagram feels the same way too. Here’s a selection of some of our top 10 favourite #flowericecubes.

Who needs mint leaves when your table water could look like this?

Miniature works of art in your drink, sir?

Pinterest perfection…

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DIY and we like it

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Melt their heart with these melting hearts…

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Taking it to the next level with circular cubes

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Just think of those Instagram pics…

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Try this one with seasonal lavender for a similar look

Not just for bouquets…

Every food stylist’s favourite, edible pansies