The Classic Urn

For displaying your flowers, it doesn’t come more classic than an urn. Depicted in art throughout history, it remains a trusted floral statement that can be called upon to add a touch of class to any party or event. A skip through the aisles of our warehouse at McQueens HQ in Bethnal Green will reveal a comprehensive assortment of urn-age from Grecian to baroque, from silver to stone, and every incarnation in between. An urn of flowers transcends fashion and is a much-requested design for weddings and events. They can be styled in many different ways and have increased in popularity with a return to the romantic aesthetic – that wild, winsome, natural approach to flowers –  that is very in vogue right now. Flower urns look divine styled with masses of seasonal foliage, and look incredible when filled to the brim with fabulous blooms. At this time of year, we love a classic English garden urn with peony, hollyhocks, garden roses, trailing jasmine and summer favourites. They look equally appealing when arranged with a mass of all one type of flower giving a clean, bold look that piles on the ‘wow’ factor.

Gorgeous garden flowers with masses of foliage
A gorgeous garden flower filled urn with masses of foliage

Ye ole flower urn can be created as a front facing design and positioned at the entrance of a party to welcome guests, but they are equally at home taking pride of place in the centre of an event space, offering 360º views in all their splendor, atop an equally beautiful plinth.

‘Our warehouse is like an Aladdin’s cave with so many vases and containers,’ explains Hannah Jerrom, McQueens events florist. ‘We often invite clients to McQueens for consultations and to view sample flowers for weddings and events. We normally offer a quick tour around the building and warehouse and it’s a good opportunity to match vases and containers to clients’ events. It can sometimes be a case of too much choice, but it’s great to have so many options. We will often make an urn suggestion for an event to be held in a classic location. An urn full of flowers will look amazing in a venue like Claridge’s with its tall ceilings and art deco details. These displays can be constructed in many different ways and although flower foam is often used to support the design, we are increasingly using chicken wire and natural foliage in McQueens urns; it’s simpler, cleaner and much more environmentally-friendly.’

Classic urn: A mass of cymbidium orchid
A mass of cymbidium orchid in a classic urn display
A mass of calla lily for maximum impact
A mass of calla lily for maximum impact
Pink hydrangea for Rosewood London
Pink hydrangea for the Rosewood Hotel, London