Inspired by The Wizard of Oz for The Berkeley

The Berkeley Hotel is celebrating Belgravia in Bloom this week as the country rejoices in the world’s most famous flower extravaganza, The RHS Chelsea Flower Show. The theme for this year’s Belgravia in Bloom is children’s stories, which soon got Team McQueens’ creative juices flowing! After some careful deliberation and a chocolate biscuit or two, we decided to head on down the yellow brick road with our own homage to L. Frank Baum’s classic children’s tale, The Wizard of Oz.

Update: Since publication, we are delighted to announce that our flowery homage to The Wizard of Oz won top prize in the Belgravia in Bloom awards! Congratulations to our fabulous team of McQueens florists for creating yet another, magical, award-winning deign.

Belgravia in bloom
Belgravia in Bloom – a highlight outside the Berkeley Hotel

You can hardly get more colourful and playful than The Wizard of Oz, so it was with great excitement that we settled down at the drawing board to work out how we would bring this year’s theme to life. Our favourite scene was where Dorothy’s house lands on top of the wicked Witch of the East, so that’s what we decided to recreate in Knightsbridge! We built Dorothy Gale’s house on a plinth outside the Berkeley Hotel, and in a prime location to greet guests. The scene was completed with a picket fence and a plethora of gorgeous garden flowers to conjure up the magic of the story. But of course, it would not be complete without the legs of the Wicked Witch of the East sticking out from under the house, and more importantly, her much-coveted ruby red slippers, meticulously fashioned out of bright red flowers!

Created for The Berkeley for Belgravia in bloom
A little bit of Oz lands slap bang in the middle of Knightsbridge
A celebration of Belgravia in Bloom
A celebration of Belgravia in Bloom

‘We have had so much fun collaborating with the Berkeley Hotel on the theme of this year’s Belgravia in Bloom,’ says Kally Ellis, McQueens founder and MD. ‘The Wizard of Oz is such a beloved story with children down the years, so we really wanted to do it justice. The team have done a magnificent job bringing the scene to life, and we had some wonderful comments as we set about creating this classic moment.’

One of the most iconic moments from The Wizard of Oz
Ding, dong, the wicked witch is dead! Team McQueens brings the scene to life outside the Berkeley
Finishing touches for the house and garden
Crash, bang wallop, Dorothy’s blooming lovely house lands in Knightsbridge