Claridge’s Hotel: The Changing Seasons

McQueens has a special relationship with Claridge’s hotel. We have our very own store based within the hotel  with a team who create flowers for guests. We also have a team who design, install and maintain the weekly flower installations in the public areas. Claridge’s is a much loved and respected landmark in Mayfair, known throughout the world for its unparalleled standard of care and attention to its guests. The hotel first opened in 1812 and it has an enviable and rich history, a luxury oasis favoured by distinguished and noted guests through the decades. From King George IV, Alfred Hitchcock, Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, to Brad Pitt and Kate Moss today, it’s a home for home for all kinds well-known names and is famous around the world.

Claridge's Hotel - The most beautiful French tulips
Claridge’s Hotel – The most beautiful French tulips

Claridge’s is like no other hotel in the world. The magnificent hotel lobby transports you back in time, a timeless classic that offers the warmest of welcomes. Claridge’s is synonymous with luxury and famed for its attention to detail, so it’s a place that is very dear to our hearts. We know and understand Claridge’s oh so well; in addition to the weekly installations, we also create flowers for the most wonderful parties and events in the ballroom and French salon.

Claridge's Hotel - Delphinium and lavender
Claridge’s Hotel – Delphinium and lavender

‘Flowers have always played such an important at the hotel, and we get lots of appreciative comments from the guests,’ says Paulina Kwiatkowska, McQueens store manager at Claridge’s. ‘We create flowers for gifts, and for the rooms within the hotel, so there is never a dull moment. It’s amazing to work in a place where so much focus is placed on flowers. The staff within the hotel appreciate and enjoy the flowers just as much as the guests do, too.’

Claridge's Hotel - Eremurus and hydrangea
Claridge’s Hotel – Eremurus and hydrangea

‘One of the perks of my job as a social media manager at McQueens is to photograph installations in amazing locations in London and throughout the world,’ explains Duncan McCabe. ‘There is nowhere quite like Claridge’s; it’s one of my favourite places. I usually visit the hotel well before 7 am, before their busy day begins. The hotel at that time of day is completely empty, and the flowers always look so spectacular.’

Claridge's Hotel - Summer classic peony
Claridge’s Hotel – Summer classic peony

‘I feel privileged to design and install the weekly flowers at Claridge’s hotel,’ says Yeon Hee Lee, senior florist at McQueens. ‘I love the fact that we change the flowers each week, so we aim to create innovative and fresh installations. As the season’s change outside the hotel, we reflect that transformation through our displays inside during the course of the year. It’s very special.’

Claridge's Hotel - Spring time
Claridge’s Hotel – Springtime