McQueens Master-Class: All You Need to Know

Working with flowers is enormously rewarding, they have an extremely unique and compelling power; everyone who works with flowers testifies to the sort of satisfaction that rarely exists in other professions. Flowers do have their own set of challenges, though, and a life working with flowers can at times be an interesting ride. Flowers are vulnerable to any number of perilous scenarios, from blooms that stubbornly refuse to open in time for that very special occasion, to the ones that don’t arrive when you expect them, to the delicate darlings that decide to crash and burn for no apparent reason before you even arrange them. But from a work point of view, we florists roll with the bunches, and we are very adept at finding solutions to any number of thorny problems to ensure that our clients are blooming delighted with our offerings.

Bouquet created at McQueens Flower School

Flowers for fun is also a popular pastime, and there is nothing like arranging flowers to give yourself a good time. Whether it’s a treat for yourself, or a gift for someone special, or just showcasing your talents with flowers for a gathering of friends, you will enjoy yourself. Flowers can connect you to the moment, and immerse you in nature in a way that is so important considering the world that we now live in. Most of us are unable to spend enough time on ourselves (remember ‘me time’?) so it’s easy to see why there has been a rapid rise in ‘experience days’ and dedicated workshops in all kinds of arts and crafts, from cake, making to pottery and, of course, working with flowers.

We spoke to team McQueens to find out what people can expect when enrolling in our ‘just for fun’ one-day master classes at McQueens Flower School.

Students at McQueens Flower School
Students create a bouquet at McQueens Flower School

‘Enjoyment is top of the agenda for our one-day classes,’ explains Emily Mathison, head tutor at McQueens School. ‘We are known around the world for our four-week vocational course for students who may be considering working within the industry, so they expect to be put through their paces. But there is a more relaxed feel to our one-day classes –  they are informative but everyone who signs up also wants to have some fun! We give a thorough introduction to flower care and conditioning, and demonstrate some simple techniques for design ideas for flowers in the home. We have a limited amount of classes throughout the year, and we use a selection of the best seasonal flowers. The day is a combination of tutor demonstration and practical projects that are created by the class. It also includes a  signature McQueens bouquet demonstration, with step-by-step instructions. The design is then replicated by the class, gift-wrapped and packed in water for the students to take home.’

McQueens Flower School class room
McQueens Flower School classroom

‘We get all sorts of students that attend our master-classes.’ explains McQ tutor Guiseppe Pudori. ‘The class has been designed for students with little or no experience so a love or an appreciation of flowers is all you need to attend the class. We’ve had countless mothers and daughters or mothers and sons enrol on our classes, and it’s also popular for friends who rarely get a chance to catch up with each other. We get students from all over the world. A relaxed and informal atmosphere is what we hope to create for these one-day classes and they are always such good fun. Everything is provided including tea, coffee and light refreshments, and we love to see delighted students cradling their floral creations with pride at the end of the day!’

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