Kally Ellis Featured in Platinum Resident

Kally Ellis featured in Platinum Resident:

“Vanity Fair magazine is one of my key clients and we do the flowers for all of their events so I travel a lot, mostly to the States. The events are very high profile, and we kick off every year with the Post-Oscars Vanity Fair party in LA, move on to Washington and Cannes in the spring and then San Francisco in the winter.

I always travel with a good book because if you get stuck somewhere with an unexpected delay, a book is a perfect antidote. It slips in your hand luggage easily, doesn’t need any batteries and it will keep you entertained for ages. I’m also a firm believer in packing a capsule wardrobe. Smaller bags make moving around less stressful, and if you really need something you don’t have, you can normally buy it on your travels.”